Phew! It’s been a busy week here at BAM, between breaking news on the Sitzer/Burnett verdict (plus reactions from real estate agents) and NAR’s CEO stepping down to a new Zillow acquisition and a partnership between Anywhere and RealScout. 

For agent tactics, we’ve got the five easiest prospecting calls, five strategies for navigating real estate deal cancellations, and the real driving force behind success for real estate agents. 

Also, on Friday, Byron Lazine hosted a BAMx mastermind, “Moving Forward After Class Action Lawsuits.” 

This week’s agent marketing tips and highlights include the 11 best real estate Halloween posts, November 2023 content ideas for agents, and a Krys Benyamein webinar showing how to get 20 pieces of real estate content from one listing. 

Let’s dive in.

News You May Have Missed

This week has been a big week for news on BAM, starting with Monday’s closing arguments in the Sitzer/Burnett trial, which led to a much faster-than-anticipated verdict on Tuesday. 

The jury found for the plaintiffs and awarded them $1.785 trillion in damages, which will automatically be trebled to $5.356 trillion. 

Michael Ketchmark, lead counsel for the plaintiffs, celebrated by promptly filing another class action lawsuit, naming Redfin, Compass, and eXp as defendants, along with the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Meanwhile, the Chief Economist for Redfin, Daryl Fairweather, posted this Tweet.

It’s unclear whether she knew of Ketchmark’s newest filing. She probably knows now.

Within minutes after the news broke, Byron Lazine started a special Hot Sheet livestream to discuss the verdict and gauge the industry’s reaction to it. He opened the phone lines and took several calls from agents who, for the most part, were disappointed, if not exactly shocked, by the jury’s decision. 

Jason Cassity, BAM Creator and co-founder of the REFER network, also made a green-screen video announcing the verdict and sharing his take on the news. 

Two days later, NAR announced, after an emergency leadership meeting at 9 am, that Bob Goldberg would be stepping down as NAR CEO. Nykia Wright will be filling in as interim CEO while NAR continues its search for the next permanent CEO. 

Byron hosted another emergency livestream to discuss the news with callers and respond to comments in the live chat. During the broadcast, Jason Haber, founder of the NAR Accountability Project, called to express support for the interim CEO. 

Also in the news are Zillow’s acquisition of Follow Up Boss and a new partnership between Anywhere Real Estate (fka Realogy) and RealScout

Regarding Zillow, Brad Acree, who worked with dotloop before (and after) Zillow acquired it, shared his perspective on the acquisition and what it means for Follow Up Boss users

Agent Tactics

This week in agent tactics, we have the five easiest prospecting calls real estate agents can make, courtesy of Katie Clancy, and five strategies for agents navigating real estate deal cancellations, expertly broken down by the objection-handling G.O.A.T., Tom Toole

Our favorite Boston badass, Lisa Chinatti, also revealed the real driving force behind success for real estate agents (especially now). And it’s probably not what you think. 

Finally, on Friday afternoon, Byron Lazine hosted a BAMx mastermind on “Moving Forward After Class Action Lawsuits.” Watch the replay on BAMx, and click here to download the free PDF guide: “11 Point Plan on How To Move Forward in Class Action Aftermath.” 

Agent Marketing

BAM started the week strong in agent marketing with a Krys Benyamein webinar on Monday (November 1st), where he revealed how to get 20 pieces of real estate content from one listing (doubling his original promise of 10). The replay is now available on the BAMx platform. 

Next up, we’ve got a BAM article highlighting the 11 best real estate Halloween posts we saw this year, followed the next day by November 2023 content ideas from The Broke Agent. 

Stay tuned for another value-packed week on BAM. And if you haven’t already, sign up for the BAM newsletter, so you don’t miss a thing.