Among the rest of the breaking industry news this week, Zillow announced its acquisition of Follow Up Boss. And with the announcement, there are a lot of opinions being thrown out there. 

I thought I would offer a unique perspective. 

I worked at dotloop before it was acquired by Zillow and for several years after. I am also on Follow Up Boss but in the process of moving to Chime (totally unrelated to this news).

Zillow has been transparent about wanting to be the one source agents need for everything technology-wise. For years now, it has adopted the strategy of acquisition rather than building its own products—cases in point: ShowingTime+, VRX Media, and dotloop. 

One example of Zillow building rather than acquiring was Zillow Offers. We all saw how that went.

What are people worried about?

People are going to be worried about the data, and they (probably) shouldn’t. The comments on this Instagram post are full of agent reactions to the news. 

Many agents, especially those who use FUB, are concerned. Because agents work hard to build relationships with clients and prospects using their CRM of choice—and continually updating their database. 

Here are some of those concerns:


Why you (probably) don’t need to worry

As one of those expressing concern over data security, Brooks Landry shared his honest reaction. Here’s the thread between him and Follow Up Boss:


Here’s the thing—Zillow already has the data many are worried they will get from Follow Up Boss.

Also, any company would be crazy to think they can run a CRM that does not protect the information that its users input into it. That said, make sure you verify everything. Actually read the terms and conditions, now and when they inevitably update.

My one warning to FUB users

We are in a season of consolidation in our industry. That is what happens when any market faces an uncertain future. This investment shows Zillow continues to see opportunity in the industry. 

There is one warning, however, I would give to anyone using Follow Up Boss. There was a lot of excitement at dotloop after the acquisition. 

Then Zillow’s priorities shifted. And with that, they took all of the developers and put them on the Zillow Offers project. Those vacated roles at dotloop were not backfilled for years. 

The result? Dotloop has not been improved in any noticeable way in six-plus years. So the one concern I would have is what happens to the Follow Up Boss product when it isn’t bringing in enough revenue to be a priority?