Every month, I can’t believe that another month has gone by. 2023 is essentially over. The holidays are here, and your clients are GONE. Just kidding! The holiday season is the best time to double down and stand out from your competition. 

Eighty-seven percent of agents (those who quit after five years) will stop making calls and will stop posting content. They will become excuse factories and wait until January to feel motivated again. But, not you reading this blog because you’re about to be equipped with November content ideas that will flood people’s Feeds and help you stay top of mind. Let’s go!!!!


November 1st: The season begins

Starting today, you are officially allowed to start trendjacking Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or whatever it is you celebrate! This means holiday audios on your Reels, holiday home decor tips, gift guides, recipes, hometown traditions, winter home maintenance tips, etc. This is also a great time to give back and highlight the charities you work with.

November 5th: Daylight Savings Time AKA Real Estate Email Blast Day

This is the one where clocks go BACK, giving everyone an extra hour of sleep. If you are going to send an email blast about this please include something other than “Turn your clocks back everyone!” Provide more value with a market snapshot of what the market looked like during “Spring Forward” vs. now. People know it’s Daylight Savings time without their real estate agent letting them know. 

November 11th: Veterans Day

Here are a few content ideas, courtesy of ChatGPT, for Veterans Day.

Veteran Homebuyer Workshops: Host workshops or webinars specifically tailored to the unique needs of veteran homebuyers. Cover topics like VA loans, the home buying process, and local resources.

VA Loan Information: Provide information and tips about VA loans, including eligibility requirements, benefits, and how they can benefit veterans and their families in the home buying process.

Local Veteran Resources: Compile a list of local resources available to veterans, such as VA medical centers, support services, and organizations that offer assistance with housing. Post about these on social.

Property Spotlight: Highlight properties that are well-suited for veterans, such as homes with accessibility features, spacious yards, or proximity to VA medical facilities.

Community Spotlights: Showcase neighborhoods or communities with a strong veteran presence or that offer resources specifically tailored to veterans.

November 23rd: Thanksgiving

Here are eight content ideas for Thanksgiving. 

Number 1: Let’s start by talking about something you should not post. On Thanksgiving, do NOT, I repeat do NOT post a generic Holiday graphic with some RE/MAX branded turkey that says, “Happy Thanksgiving.” 

In fact, never post these graphics. They perform terribly every single time no matter what the holiday is because nobody needs to see that on their feed and everyone already knows it’s Thanksgiving. You’re better off not posting than posting this.

Number 2: Post what you’re Thankful for. Do a Reel or slideshow post on Instagram listing off what you’re thankful for in life or in the real estate industry. Maybe it’s your clients, vendors, title reps, the marketing department at your brokerage, your team, or even your spouse that puts up with the fact that you work weekends. Sentimental thankful posts always play.

Number 3: Explain what the real estate market is like on Thanksgiving since everyone is going to ask you anyway. Make some joke about how everyone at the dinner table is going to ask if the market is going to crash, and then go into the stats of your local market and tell them why it isn’t. Talk about inventory levels and days on market and how they differ from this year to last. 

If you’re with family you can even use one of them as the hook in a skit: “Hey Eric, do you think the housing market is going to crash?” Then roll your eyes and go into your spiel.  

Number 4: Talk about what it’s like looking for houses around the holidays. Why should you look right now? Less buyer competition, more negotiating power, etc.

Number 5: Send voice message DMs to your clients telling them you’re thankful for them. This is less intrusive than a text, and it feels personal. Also, if you send it to your clients over Instagram and they respond, that DM conversation juices your algorithm so it will have a positive impact on your feed posts. Personal messages and voice memos have a far greater impact than copy-pasted text.

Number 6: Rank your Favorite Thanksgiving foods. This has nothing to do with real estate, and that’s fine. But I guarantee that if you start a video saying, “These are my top three favorite foods on Thanksgiving,” people will watch because everyone loves to debate, see, and consume content about food. Make sure you ask people in your caption what their favorites are to get a debate going. 

Number 7: If you have any listings that have epic dining rooms for hosting a Thanksgiving feast, definitely highlight those.

Number 8: Don’t post anything about real estate. The holidays are a great time to show your friends, family, and traditions. Document your Thanksgiving experience with your family in IG stories or honestly just stay off social completely. 

November 24th: Black Friday 

Highlight some products on sale for homeowners or make the joke that you will be offering your services at a massive FREE discount to represent buyers…

(Obviously, don’t do this. But you should sign up for BAMx for masterminds, courses, and community to elevate your business, no matter what happens during the remaining lawsuits).


The theme of November and December: Keep it positive. The economy, housing market, and geopolitical situation right now is causing everyone an enormous amount of stress. Be a bright spot in people’s Feeds with positivity, thankfulness, and useful information that isn’t DOOM and GLOOM. Also, keep hammering carousel posts because they seem to be the only thing getting consistent engagement. 


The World Series is about to wrap up. The NBA and NHL just started. College football just came out with their first playoff rankings, and coaches are already getting fired in the NFL. Also, college basketball is about to start. This is truly the best time of year.


Priscilla comes out on November 3rd. If last year’s Elvis movie was any indication, the King of Pop is due for another resurgence in popularity. Stay tuned for any memes or viral sounds that come out of this A24 film that tells the story of Priscilla Presley. 

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is out November 17th. This highly anticipated prequel to the Hunger Games Series has been generating a ton of buzz. 

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift. Pretty much every public appearance from this couple so far has resulted in a crazy amount of media attention. I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. Trendjack it if you can. 


#1—Now that we don’t talk 

Use this sound to reveal something you always wanted to say to a nightmare client. 

@bubblecher Idc who u are dont sit on my bed in ur outside clothes unless ur me tysmmmmm #fyp #trend #taylorswift ♬ original sound - Toria

#2—Me and the devil 

People are using this sound on TikTok to reveal their toxic traits and biggest fears. There are plenty of clever ways you could use it to talk about real estate. 

#3—Getting Choked up 

What things in real estate do you find yourself reminiscing about?