Some might call today the spookiest day of the year, but in the world of real estate, you face bone-chilling situations on the regular. 

While most folks are carving pumpkins and dressing up as Barbie and Ken, real estate agents are braving haunted houses, making calls, and surviving questions from their buyer’s father.

So, to keep things entertaining, we’re sharing some of our favorite Halloween stories—real estate style. 


Live or list, you decide.

Just Your Average Day

The spooky things real estate agents deal with.

The Forgotten Real Estate Agent

When only 15% of clients actually work with the same real estate agent again, being forgotten is one of the many things that keep agents up at night.

Scariest Halloween Costume

Every buyer feels this one. 

LA’s Most Famous Murder House

A little bit of history for you this Halloween.

Why are you selling?

This might be the creepiest laugh ever.

Living in a Haunted House

Who else has experienced living in a haunted house?

Super Mario Home Tour

When October rolls around, call on your favorite characters to do your home tours. 

A Realtor’s Nightmare

What’s worse, getting trapped in a recruiting call or no WiFi in an open house? 

Realtors of the Corn

Who wants to grab a cup of coffee?

Michael Myers

When that new agent just doesn’t seem trustworthy….