One afternoon as the day was wrapping up, I was sitting in the office pondering what my topic would be for the next morning’s 5AM Call

Not going to lie, I wasn’t feeling it. I was even debating using my “Phone a friend” lifeline, and reaching out to see if I could get a guest speaker to cover for me. 

But alas, I decided that I was just going to buckle down and do it. There was a group of folks sitting around in the office, and so I looked over the top of my laptop and I shouted, “I need a topic for my 5:00 AM call tomorrow. Who’s got a good one for me? And I mean a good one.” 

So one by one, they started shouting out ideas. 

Someone suggested something from the Elon Musk biography because that’s what I’m currently reading. Veto. I feel like everyone is reading that at the moment. 

The next suggestion, “Burn your ships.” B-O-R-I-N-G. Next suggestion: How to navigate a challenging market. So overdone. Goal setting. Ugh. Collaboration versus competition. Haven’t I done that before? And on and on and on. 

All in all, 12 people shared their ideas. And all in all, I rejected 12 ideas. Truth be told, I just wasn’t feeling it. 

Nothing was inspiring me.

We’ve all had moments where we knew there was something we should be doing or that we wanted to do, but for whatever reason, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. 

I find that for me personally, this tends to happen more often as we near the end of the year. Maybe it’s partly burnout. Maybe it’s partly like a seasonal affective disorder. Maybe I’m just getting older and crankier. Who knows? 

But the more I thought about this, the more I started to realize something. Success isn’t driven by feeling inspired to do the things. Success is driven by the discipline to do the things even when you’d rather not—even when it would be easier to phone a friend. 

Success comes from sucking it up and knowing you aren’t always going to want to do the things—and from doing the things, even when there are other things you’d rather do. 

So let’s cut to the chase. We’re here teetering on the edge of another year gone by. If you’re looking to wrap up with the same fiery gusto you started with, forget waiting around for inspiration. Inspiration is fickle. It’s a nice-to-have. 

What you need, what actually gets results, is discipline. That’s not just rhetoric. It’s the raw truth. 

Success is built on hard work

Here’s the deal. Success in our game is not built on sporadic, unpredictable, lightbulb moments. Instead, it’s built on systematic, consistent, sometimes downright monotonous, hard work. 

It’s about setting a course and plowing through no matter what distractions or next big things vie for your attention. 

Discipline doesn’t care about your mood, your perfect moment, your easy way out. It’s the foundation that remains unshaken when the exciting gets mundane, the new gets old, the high becomes a plateau. 

It’s what separates the amateurs from the pros—the fleeting from the timeless. 

So, what’s it going to be as we round out this year? Are you going to be at the mercy of fleeting whims or are you going to seize control with relentless discipline? 

Wrapping up 2023

It’s time for a tactical approach. Strategize, organize, execute, and then repeat every single day. 

It’s about targets, action plans, follow-through, and above all, accountability.

No excuses. No “My dog ate my homework” stories. Measure your progress, analyze the outcomes, and recalibrate. That’s how winning is done. 

We’re leaders. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re the ones setting the tone for all the others, not just within our companies, but also within our respective industries. 

Discipline isn’t a suggestion; it’s a mandate. It’s what fuels those monumental successes that we all admire and that we all chase. 

As we gear up to take on the remainder of the year, let’s ditch the theatrics. Implement a no-nonsense routine that’s all about action. Set your daily, weekly, monthly goals. Don’t just jot them down and cast them aside. Live by them. Make them your doctrine. 

And when you hit a wall—not if, but when—you don’t turn around. You scale it. 

This isn’t about grinding yourself into oblivion. It’s about smart, strategic, relentless pursuits of your goals. It’s about setting a standard, raising the bar, and surpassing it. You owe it to yourself, to your team, to the very essence of your ambition. 

So, let’s wrap up this year the way that we kicked it off—with fire, with passion, with precision. 

Only this time, let’s skip the fluff of waiting for the right moment and create it ourselves through sheer unwavering discipline. 

Let’s go make it happen.