It’s no secret that being a real estate agent is tougher than ever. The current market conditions, competitive landscape, and ever-evolving industry dynamics can make it feel like an uphill battle. Now, more than ever, the question becomes: How do you keep your business going and keep your sanity at the same time? With phone calls! 

In this article are five examples of the easiest calls you can make RIGHT NOW to fill your pipeline and your soul tank at the same time.

These prospecting calls are different from traditional prospecting calls because you don’t ask for business. That’s the dirty part that agents don’t want to do, and customers don’t want to hear. So we just cut it out altogether, focus on the relationship, and let the business take care of itself.


When you’ve had a rough day in real estate, think of your favorite client ever, and call them up. An honest conversation will probably lift both your spirits. 

“Hey listen, I just had one heck of a day in real estate, and honestly it was getting me down. But then I thought about how great it was to work with you guys and how much I appreciated that. So I just wanted to say thank you again for making me remember why I do this  job.”


If you’re not already supporting a non-profit in your community, start now, and give away event tickets to your clients.

 “I have two extra tickets to the Arts Foundation unveiling of the artist of the year painting next Friday. They’re yours if you’re available.”


Anytime anything new happens in the industry, your company, your team, think of how it benefits your clients and prospects—and then tell them about it. 

“We just started using a new platform for projecting property values, and it’s pretty accurate. Can I try it out on your property?”


People are almost always happy to help another person. 

“I know you guys were really happy with your dog walker. I have a client who just moved here and needs a new dog walker. You mind sharing their contact info?”


Or your partner or friend, etc. Whoever it is that has stood by you through all the ups and downs of this business. 

“I just want to thank you for believing in me, putting up with my crazy schedule, etc. This business is hard, but I’m working it, and with support from amazing people like you I know I’m headed for success.”

That’s it! No ask, no cheesy “By the way, who do you know that’s considering buying or selling now or in the near future?” Just wrap the call up with an expression of gratitude: “Thanks for the time, the contact info, etc.” 

In every example, you have been clear about the relationship to them as a real estate agent so they know what you do for a living, and now they have a renewed positive impression of you. Plus, you don’t have to feel salesy asking your friends, family and clients for business–yet these calls will inevitably still yield referrals. Try it!