For this week in BAM, we’re sharing a couple of our most clicked-on articles in real estate news, agent tactics, and agent marketing. Because we don’t want you to miss anything that could help you stay informed, level up your skills, and grow your business. 

 Let’s dive in! 

News You May Have Missed

On Thursday’s Hot Sheet, Byron Lazine discussed this week’s FOMC meeting and gave a full breakdown of all Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s comments on housing. Tune in to learn Powell’s response to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s letter urging the Fed to cut rates. 

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) posted a video with Nykia Wright, Interim CEO to “set the record straight” on three specific hot-button issues: agent commissions, rival associations (like AREA), and the reasons 9 out of 10 consumers choose to work with a skilled real estate agent. 

CoStar CEO Andy Florance called out his competitors during Inman Connect New York for challenging’s growth stats and for implementing bait-and-switch tactics that ultimately serve their bottom line at the expense of agents and consumers. 

Agent Tactics

In a BAM interview with Byron Lazine, SERHANT. founder and CEO Ryan Serhant revealed how he follows up with leads using email, why he doesn’t automate follow-up, and what advice he has for agents willing to do what it takes to be exceptional. 

Dan Oneil breaks down his strategy for reviving neglected leads using your CRM and a simple but effective script for phone conversations. 

Katie Lucie takes you through five straightforward, intentional steps to conquer overwhelm and choose your lead pillars strategically. 

Agent Marketing

Tom Toole breaks down the six biggest mistakes real estate agents make with video and what you can do to ensure your videos are making the best possible impression on your audience. 

Audie Chamberlain, PR expert and founder of Lion & Orb, took the stage at Inman Connect New York last week to reveal two PR dos and one don’t for real estate agents. 

BAM Creator Jason Cassity breaks down two emails you, as a real estate agent, should be using to facilitate normal conversations with the people in your database. 

Krys Benyamein talks about the one IG analytic every real estate content creator should be watching to maximize their Instagram engagement in 2024. 

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