We all know follow up is essential, but we aren’t always accountable for going back into CRM and doing the work. We let leads go cold, and then complain that we don’t have any “good” leads. 

So, what holds most agents back from following up? The usual: Doubt. Fear. Excuses. 

When you drop that doubt, that fear, and those excuses, you’ll probably find the same thing I have over the past few weeks—picking up the phone works. 

All it takes is the dedication to go back into your CRM every single day. That, and maybe a simple script to ease any nerves (which I’m sharing below). 

Back in Production

After taking over a year to solely focus on running my team, I am back in production. And it’s true what they say: the agent who has the most conversations wins. 

Coming back into production, I was able to start setting appointments right away. My strategy was simple: start with leads that had not received any recent follow-up. By going into my CRM, I noticed there were a ton of leads that had been neglected or forgotten about. Over 350 of the people in my database had zero agent contact in over three months. Since most leads need several months (if not years) of nurturing, I started with those. 

Once I had my list to follow up with, I started dialing. 

Simple Follow-Up Script

There are countless scripts you can use when following up. I like to keep it simple. Here’s an example of a call from last week:

“Hi (name), this is Dan Oneil with (brokerage), following up about the property you were looking at on Zillow.”

Consumer: “I expressed interest a long time ago, but no one answered the phone.”

“That’s the problem with some agents, unfortunately. So, did you want to get into the house today, or would tomorrow be better?”

Consumer: “Tomorrow.”

“Would you be free tomorrow at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm?

Consumer: “How about 11:00 or 11:30?”

“Done deal. I will set it up for tomorrow at 11:00. And when we hang up, I’m going to send you a front-facing video with my business card, so that way you can put a familiar face to the name when we meet tomorrow.”

Do What Works

Since I’ve been posting my progress on social media to hold myself accountable, people have been reaching out to ask me how I’m converting. I think a lot of them expect a new tactic or strategy, but it’s just about getting back to what works. 

All I did was get out of my own head, pick up the phone with confidence, make the calls, have the conversations. And, of course, I worked to add value to each person I called. 

That last piece is important. People want help. They want you to share your expertise and provide value. So, don’t overthink things—pick up the phone, share your knowledge and start setting appointments. 

No Zillow leads? No problem.

The above script was used with an old Zillow lead, and I already know what some of you are thinking: What if don’t have Zillow leads? Or Realtor.com leads? Or, I’m just starting out and don’t have a database to go through.

CRM integrity isn’t just for agents with huge databases. Anyone can commit to going back into their CRM, day after day, and having conversations

For those who don’t have a pipeline yet, take out your phone, and start going through your entire contact list, A-Z. Ask them how they are doing. Find out what’s new in their lives. And, when the time comes (because they return the question), tell them about your work as a real estate agent. 

Or, if you have access to a dialer, use that to start calling a particular farm. The point is, there is always someone to call. 

So, start dialing, and see how many conversations you can rack up this week.