“You have to work twice as hard” in a market like this, Audie Chamberlain told the crowd while on stage last week at Inman Connect New York

As the founder of  Lion & Orb, the public relations (PR) expert has seen clients thrive in every type of market. Of course, diligence alone can only take you so far; it’s the strategic approach that truly propels progress. 

Chamberlain took the stage with moderator Sydney Miller, founder of Ugrade, and Alexia Umansky, agent with The Agency and one of the stars of Buying Beverly Hills.

Throughout their conversation, they spoke about the latest trends and strategies in social media and PR. They shared with real estate agents how to elevate their social media game and, in turn, transform these efforts into a source of clients and referrals. Here, we break down their insights into two “dos” and one “don’t”  for your social media efforts.

DO: Think about how PR Plays a Role

It’s no secret that many top-performing agents leverage social media to elevate their real estate business. One example is a client of Chamberlain’s, who, as an agent in Palm Beach, was up $100 million in sales year-over-year. This agent attributes most of that success to social media, particularly his videos that attract sellers. 

What’s less obvious is how PR plays a role in your social media and marketing efforts.

Chamberlain broke it down with a simple definition, stating that PR can be boiled down to two things:

  1. How people see you. This is your image. Your audience learns about your image through your social media content, your marketing, and even how they see you in person.
  2. How people feel about you. This is your reputation. Are you someone that’s trustworthy? Are you known for being conservative? Fun? 

The second part, Chamberlain emphasized, is most important for your business—because that’s how your referrals are generated. 

“There’s a saying in my industry—PR is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. And that’s literally how you get referrals.”

Audie Chamberlain

Founder , Lion & Orb

DO: Turn On-Screen Relationships into Face-to-Face Opportunities

In order for people to go from watching your social media content to referring you as an agent, you need to prove you are credible, knowledgeable, and worthy of their business. That’s where conversations and face-to-face meetings come into play. 

Umansky, who has over 364,000 followers on social media, knows that in order to create lasting connections, in-person opportunities are a must. 

That’s why she created a quarterly event series called “Adulting is Hard”—to convert the relationship on the screen to face-to-face. By leaning into her Instagram insights, she knows her audience base is primarily females between the ages of 25 to 35, the perfect target age for topics such as building a good credit score and saving and investing. 

“It’s funny because it’s not necessarily about real estate or buying from me, but again, I’m kind of marketing myself as this person that’s…(a) matchmaker of information. As real estate agents, we are matchmakers of people to homes…But I’ve kind of created this brand of myself that people rely on me, and they trust me, and I made myself this safe space for people to come to.”

Alexia Umansky

Agent, Office of the Umansky Team, The Agency

DON’T: Forget that People are Always Watching

In today’s world, all of the work you do, both online and in person, can be torn down in a matter of seconds. 

That’s why Chamberlain gave some final words of advice of what to avoid on social media in 2024.

“It’s an election year. What I would (say) to everyone is avoid politics at all costs.”

Audie Chamberlain

Founder , Lion & Orb

Some topics, Chamberlain explained, should be saved for private conversations among people you trust. Politics and religion are both at the top of that list. And while it can be tempting to share your thoughts with your entire following, these topics can create a lot of division. And as Chamberlain put it, “leads to nothing good.” 

Keep in mind, too, that people are always watching and listening. 

“The camera’s always rolling…the mic is always on. So, just go out into the world with that mindset. Are you comfortable with this being on the front page of the New York Times or your grandmother hearing about it? It’s very important (to keep this in mind).”

Audie Chamberlain

Founder , Lion & Orb

As you work to transform social media efforts into clients and referrals, keep these insights in mind. Your strategic approach will help you navigate the ever-evolving real estate landscape in 2024 and beyond.