I’m a firm believer that our email list is our most under-utilized prospecting channel. 

Every mastermind nowadays is on social media marketing, or video content, but according to Chris Smith (author of The Conversion Code), it’s actually email marketing that is still the king of client communication.  

The last thing we should be sending is an email newsletter. Let’s be real: if you’re sending a templated monthly email newsletter with tips on replacing your HVAC filter, your emails are probably going straight into the trash. 

BUT, If you’re able to really utilize your email as a channel to facilitate normal conversations with your clients… you can really win. Here are two of my favorites: 

  1. The “Pre-Listing” email
  2. “Forward to a Friend”

The “Pre-Listing” Email

A couple of days ahead of your listing appointment, send this email to your entire database (shout out to Jimmy Mackin, CEO at Curaytor for this one).

Subject Line: Headed To A Listing Appointment

Body: Hi {Insert Name}, 

On {Insert day of the week}, I’m headed to a listing appointment for a client of mine in {Insert neighborhood}. Typically, homes in this neighborhood sell between $x and $x, and I imagine that, as long as there are no surprises inside, this one should be in that range as well. 

If everything goes well, we should be bringing this home to the market in around 10 days.

If you’d like me to keep you updated when we get this listing, and get notified about the specs and price once decided, reply back to this email and let me know. 

-{Insert agent name}

This email serves two purposes. First, each time you send this out, you identify people within your database who may be a potential buyer for your listing. Oftentimes, I get responses from buyers who I didn’t even know were looking in that specific area, or that they were even actively looking. 

Second, if you get responses, you’ll be able to go into your listing appointment and show “proof over promise” (shout out to Sharran Srivatsaa for coining that term). 

Say something along the lines of “Mr & Mrs Seller, other agents may TELL you what they’re going to do for you; let me SHOW you what we’ve already done.”

Pro Tip: You can also do an Instagram Story with this same strategy and potentially get respondents that way from your wider social following. 

The “Forward To A Friend” Email

We’re using this “Forward to a Friend” concept for both our listing and buyer clients. I’ll show you an example of both:

For buyer clients

Subject Line: Forward To A Friend

Body: Hey {insert client name}, 

This home may not be for you, but we think it’s a deal for the right person.

We just listed a 3 bd / 3 ba / 2025 sq ft single level in La Mesa. The house is beautiful, but what I think makes it extra special is that our seller is willing to offer a seller credit so that the incoming buyer can do a 2-1 mortgage rate buy down. Based on today’s rate, that could be a rate as low as 4.1% APR in year 1.

If you know of anyone who is looking for a great deal, can you please forward this email to them? Or shoot me their contact info, and I’ll text them the details directly. 

Thanks in advance. -{Insert agent name} 

For listing clients

Subject Line: Forward To A Friend

Body: Hey {Insert client name},

We have an awesome buyer client; her name is Haley.

She’s looking for a home in La Jolla, preferably in the Windansea or Bird Rock neighborhoods. She’s already pre-approved with our lender. Looking up to $4,000,000. No real bed/bath criteria, but she would love a big enough backyard for her dog to be able to run around in. 

We’ve seen everything already on the market, so now I’m turning over EVERY possible stone to get Haley into a great home. 

If you know anyone who is thinking of selling a home like this, could you please forward this email to them? Or, send me their contact info and I will reach out directly. 

-{Insert agent name} 

Obviously, on both of these emails, you’re going to edit the relevant information to your listing or your buyer. Like the first example (pre-listing email), what you’re doing here is twofold.

First off, you’re trying to sell your listing or find a home for your buyer client. That part is straightforward. 

Second, you’re also subconsciously showing every other client in your database how hard you work for your clients. Other buyer and seller clients will see these and are more likely to have a favorable recollection of you when they’re ready to make a move. 

There are a lot of other examples of great emails to send; these are just two of my favorites. At the end of the day, just make sure you’re respecting your client’s inbox. 

Keep the emails conversational—and give them something they can’t get anywhere else.