Instagram recently dropped its 2023 Trend Report, which I didn’t even know was a thing until I saw it. There are actually some really good takeaways on how Gen Z wants to interact with Instagram moving forward. 

So, this week, I’m breaking down the trends and how you can evolve your real estate content to match what is trending. 

In 2023, Gen Z plans on supporting causes they care about. The Trend Report lists those causes, but…to be honest, I don’t really care about those causes, and neither do you. You’re not reading to learn about what a sixteen-year-old thinks about the safety of harbor seals. 

You’re here to close more deals and get more followers. So, let’s skip this one. 

Gen Z’s financial renaissance

One of the biggest takeaways I got from this report is that Gen Z is undergoing a financial renaissance as they prioritize financial literacy as a skill. Twenty-five percent of them actually want to increase their skills in finance. 

Not only do two-thirds of them plan on making money on social media, but they’re actually thirsty for knowledge about finance and investing. 

So, what does this mean for you—the agents? Well, you can start crafting or shifting your content to make it more education-based. How about posts like— 

  • “How to save for a down payment on your home” 
  • “Breaking down monthly closing costs” 
  • “How I structure my savings”
  • “How I handle taxes as an entrepreneur”

Break down closing costs and what the average seller pays for commission, how much equity you get if you…do something. I don’t know. But use Instagram as a way to educate the young-uns. Do the classic renting vs. buying schtick or break down how a loan works. 

There are endless ways to educate and entertain the Gen Z audience. Go green screen, break down the inventory numbers of your market, talk about why prices are going up or why they’re going down, or the effect inflation rates and inventory have on everything. 

The fact that Gen Z wants to consume financial knowledge and not Tide Pods, frankly, is incredible news. (Boomer joke, right there.) 

Mixed media will rule content creation

Next in 2023, IG’s report says that mixed media will rule content creation. And this is extremely vindicating because I’ve been saying this for years. People want to consume content in different ways. You need to post— 

You need to post everything! I know Reels are kind of “it” right now, but you’ve gotta mix it up. If someone sees the same style every time on your feed, they’re gonna flick right by. See ya!

Gen Z and new forms of media

On top of a variety of posting styles, the next gen also expects their favorite content creators to branch into new forms of media. So, what does that mean?

Forty percent of Gen Z followers want their favorite influencers to host a podcast. 

Now, does this mean that 40% of Realtors should start a podcast? Absolutely not! But if you do have a good podcast, of course, bring it over to BAM because we have the best podcasts in the real estate game. 

In fact, I shouldn’t even be hosting a podcast. But podcasts are an incredible way to diversify your content and get a ton of clips for your short-form and long-form content. 

I host the Over Ask Podcast with Matt Lionetti, and we get three to four fire clips per episode to post across all platforms. 

So, diversify your content, and show your versatility as a content creator. 

Gen Z’s curiosity about foods from different cultures

Next, the Trend Report mentions that 60% of Gen Z social media users want to discover or try foods from different cultures that they discover online. 

So, here’s a thought: as a Realtor, why don’t you just do way more content around epic food spots in your community or your farm? Interview restaurant owners and chefs, do close-ups of the food, and market your listings and content around the restaurants and the cuisine in your area. 

How about that? Do more food content. 

Gen Z and online communities + in-person experiences 

Finally, the Trend Report emphasizes Gen Z’s proclivity or affinity for (or obsession with) liking their community and participation. They want their creators to form a community. 

Gen Z is excited about realizing their digital relationships, and they’re looking for more in-person experiences. 

So, for agents, maybe this means more client-facing events, first-time buyer seminars—you know, the really exciting stuff. Let them get to know you and meet you in person. Also, from a community perspective, make sure you’re active in your community Facebook groups. Maybe you’re starting one, maybe you’re commenting on others, or maybe it’s even a private Discord. 

Shout out to Actually Agents—the real estate hub for creating an incredible community of agents on Discord. 

Make sure you turn your followers into a community because that will be really helpful and a valuable asset in 2023. 

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Sign up for it here. I’m a plug machine, today. 

So, to recap— 

  • Diversify your content
  • Post about food
  • Host more in-person events, and 
  • Talk more about educational and financial stuff. 

By the way, Gen Z runs online trends. And they will be buying homes soon, so pay attention to this.