BAM’s Key details:

  • Instagram’s 2023 Trend Report found that more people than ever before are looking for educational content on Instagram
  • Instragram users value community above all else 
  • 2023 will see an increase in monetizing IG

Instagram’s 2023 Trend Report dropped this week. The report covers social trends, as defined by Gen Z, sharing findings about fashion, social justice, Web3, finance, food, music, dating, and more. 

Don’t worry—we’re not here to talk about the fashion and food findings, although you can learn more about that here. We’re sticking to what we know best: real estate and marketing. 

Here is what agents need to know, starting with Instagram Growth Coach Brock Johnson’s three main takeaways:

The Value Of Community

This trend report emphasized the value of community above all else. As more and more content is being shared on Instagram, finding ways to give your followers a sense of belonging is essential. 

As an agent, you can utilize this engagement-increasing tactic by serving as an expert in your market. You can also create a community by serving as a reporter on the most important things happening in your area, from the newest restaurant opening to holiday events. And always genuinely engage with your followers through comments and DMs. 

Gen Z isn’t just interested in happenings online. Nearly a third look forward to in-person experiences. Throughout the year, host a variety of events as a way to build community and educate people about the housing market.

Diverse Content

The most active Instagram users expressed the desire to see diverse media. That means you should be putting just as much effort into creating Stories, Lives, and static carousel posts as you are Reels. 

And it doesn’t stop with Instagram. According to the trend report, almost half of the people surveyed want to hear podcasts from their favorite creators. This affirms Instagram is a great place to build an engaged audience. As trust is built, encourage them to follow you on podcasts or YouTube platforms. 

And be sure to build your email list along the way!

Financial Renaissance

Next year will be all about learning new skills and making money on Instagram. Of those surveyed, 64% said they plan on monetizing their IG in 2023, and 85% said they plan on learning a new skill next year. 

As a result, there will be an influx of app users looking for valuable educational content. One skill that’s a priority for Gen Z is financial literacy. As a real estate agent, you can educate people on:

  • How to save for a down payment on a home
  • Break down monthly housing costs
  • Share how you structure your savings
  • Discuss how to handle taxes as an entrepreneur

There are endless ways to educate and entertain on social media. The trick is finding the topics you are passionate about and consistently sharing content surrounding those topics.