It started with a clip from a recent Over Ask Podcastand it’s caused quite a stir among agents. 

The question: Is it good content when agents interview restaurant owners?

A few years back, there must have been a major real estate conference where an agent shared how their local interviews were getting a lot of attention. Soon after, every agent started making videos interviewing local restaurant owners. And it hasn’t stopped since. 

The premise is great—create content for your local community while building relationships with business owners. The delivery, on the other hand, is often lacking. 

Here’s the clip of The Broke Agent and Matt Lionetti sharing their perspectives:

Plenty of agents chimed in and agreed that they hope to never see a long, drawn-out interview again: 

While others credit this type of content to bringing in leads:

Community Content that Attracts Clients

Chances are, you’re more interested in attracting clients with your videos rather than impressing other real estate agents. And we all know building a channel—whether it’s YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram—that focuses on the local community has massive potential to attract leads. 

The good thing is, there are plenty of ways to highlight your market—just check out Ken Pozek’s channel for some major inspiration! 

But if you want to stick with restaurants (cause everyone loves to eat), here are some ideas to make your content stand out from those never-ending, awkward interviews. 

Rethink the Goal

Last week’s Walk Thru highlighted some different ideas for agents, from creating neighborhood guides to sticking with the tried and true. 

Green Screen

Green Screens are ideal for highlighting local restaurants—and far less time-consuming than a full-out interview. 

Andrew Vascassenno ties in restaurant week in this TikTok on weekend happenings: 

@andrew_denver_realtor I hope some of y’all appreciate these lists because it’s a lot of sifting through bs events to find some decent ones 😂 So, here it is: - Denver Restaurant Week: Savor the flavors of the @themilehighcity with Denver Restaurant Week! From March 3-12, enjoy multi-course menus at some of Denver’s best restaurants for just $25, $35, and $45. - Colfax Art Crawl Mardi Gras: Let the good times roll on Colfax Avenue! On March 3, join the Colfax Art Crawl Mardi Gras for a festive night of art, music, food, and fun. - @jokoy at Ball Arena: Comedian Jo Koy is bringing his World tour to Ball Arena on March 4. Tickets start at $48 - Jane-a-thon at @winterparkresort: The Jane-A-Thon is the longest-running, true-to-Colorado ski and snowboard fundraising event — supporting Invest in Kids to help improve the health and well-being of Colorado’s youngest children and families. Check it out at Winter Park March 3 and 4, enjoy Jane Austen-inspired activities, skiing, and more. - Red Bull Slide-In Tour - @coppermtn: March 3-5, the Red Bull Slide-In Tour is bringing snowmobiling, skiing, and more to the mountain. #coppermountain #thingstodoindenver #denverthingstodo #denverrestaurantweek #jokoy #ballarena #winterpark #denverco #livingindenver #visitingdenver #milehighcity ♬ Big Boy Speed Up - Dj Kampung

Highlight the Food

For those who prefer heading into the restaurant, focus on the food, with quick cuts and quality editing, like this one from Jeremy Knight, who highlighted three restaurants in a two-and-a-half-minute video:

You can also tie in a nearby listing like Krys Benyamein does here:

And if you want to highlight the owner with an interview, cut out the most engaging clips while showcasing the food, like Katie Day does:

Or keep it short and simple with mouthwatering shots like Marley Presswood:

Build Deeper Relationships by Being a Patron

Other agents create this type of content to build relationships with owners. But there are other ways to build relationships with restaurant owners – and that’s to be a regular patron. 

Byron Lazine and Sam Coleman talk about how you can jumpstart those relationships by going to the same restaurant every day for 30 days.

Find what works for you

Community content is all about finding what works for you and your audience. Experiment with different styles of content, track results so you know what’s bringing in leads, and continue to become involved in your community in as many ways as you can.