The question for this episode of the Over Ask Podcast is how you, as a real estate professional, can build a local community for your real estate business—and why you should. 

To answer those questions, Atlanta real estate agent Matt LaMarsh joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss how his real estate business exploded once he joined and then started his own Porsche Facebook group.

He talks about the importance of posting content around your passions—and how to share a passion for expensive cars (or other luxury items) without coming across as a show-off.

He also reveals what put him off the original Porsche group, why he started his own, how he drew other Porsche lovers to his group, and the impact this had on his business.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:00–00:29 Intro

03:05 How Matt (LaMarsh) gets a lot of business through his Porsche FB group

05:21 Why he tries to keep the group local—and what they do together

06:31 How the Porsche group naturally and organically led to more business

07:28 The process of building his Porsche community and how he got them to meet locally

08:52 What does it look like when someone in the group wants to buy a house?

15:25 With deals from this community, is there a noticeable difference in price range?

17:03 Steps #1 and #2 to building a community around your passion

20:13 What was so unsatisfying about that other Porsche group?

27:56 How to share a passion for Porsches without coming across as a show-off

32:54 The best strategy for agents who are overthinking what to post

39:48 Does it matter what kind of car you drive to a listing appointment?

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