2020 to 2022 is what I like to call the golden era for real estate agent content creators. 

Reels were blowing up on Instagram, everyone finally downloaded TikTok, and anyone who knew how to add trending audio to their video was getting thousands of views. 

It was also kind of the golden era for real estate agents in general. All you needed was a real estate license—so, therefore, just a pulse—and you were probably selling something because the market was hotter than Sydney Sweeney in White Lotus, Season One, Episode Five (to be specific). 

If that doesn’t work for you, the market was hotter than Jeremy Lin back in Spring of 2012 or just Jimmy Garoppolo right now—for a couple of sports references. 

Anyway, my point is that agents were making content for views, for other agents, and for follows—not necessarily for their clients. And this was a good strategy back then. 

But as the market shifts and trends shift, your content also has to shift. 

So, now, here in 2023, I’m going to tell you the video that agents should be making this year. 

Green screen is #1

The number one type of video you should be making right now is the green screen video

If you scroll on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve definitely seen these. It’s when the creator puts up a video, a photo, or an article and reacts to it on screen. Their face is usually at the bottom of the video, and they’re explaining what’s happening by pointing at it. 

To make these videos on Instagram, go to Reels, tap on the magnifying glass icon where it says “effects,” search for green screen, select it, and tap on the bookmark icon to save it to your Reels menu, so you can access it again for future videos. 

Industry leaders using green screen

All the best content creators are doing this right now because it’s intriguing content and retains people’s attention throughout the entire video. The article already acts as the engaging hook for the video, and the creator is voicing their opinion about something happening in the news. And this usually drives a ton of shares and comments. 

Gary Vee has been posting these nonstop. Ryan Serhant, Byron Lazine of BAM, Jason Pantana of Tom Ferry, Tom Ferry himself, and Grant Cardone—and, of course, a bunch of real estate agents—have been hopping onto this trend. 

The best content to make for your clients in 2023

As I mentioned at the beginning of this video, trending audios, pointing at disappearing captions, dancing, and comedy videos might be going out of fashion—specifically for real estate agents because they got old and it’s not the best content to make for your clients right now. 

Right now, we’re in an uncertain time economically and in the housing market. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen with rates, and every single headline seems to be doom and gloom, talking about market crashes and that we’re entering the worst housing crisis since ‘08. 

Most of these, of course, are clickbait, but your clients are seeing these headlines and probably freaking out about what to do. This is the perfect time to debunk these articles in green screen mode—or at least give your two cents. Because most people don’t even read past the headline. 

Another thing you can do is go green screen mode for a ton of local headlines in your particular market. And this, of course, doesn’t have to be about housing. It could be about a new store or a new coffee shop opening up, a new development, a new Taco Bell, or a new bar that you’re gonna blackout in. 

Whatever the case is, go green screen mode and talk about whatever you’re talking about and how it will affect your community. 

Why we love green screen

The best part about green screen content is that it’s got a built-in visual hook, it’s hyper-relevant, it doesn’t need a studio film editing process, you can do it on your phone, and it’s educational. 

Seriously, there’s no easier video to make right now on social media because you can literally read the article as your video script. You can do a bunch of quick cuts, you don’t need a film crew, you don’t need great lighting, you don’t need anything. 

These videos are blowing up right now and will continue to do so throughout 2023 as the name of the game for agent content becomes education based—edutainment—like this video, which is educational and entertaining. 

To recap

So, to summarize, use articles from BAM, HousingWire, your local blogs, your own blog. Read the title as the hook, break down the context, voice your opinion, and then ask the audience at the end what they think. 

It’s a super-simple formula that can be replicated to infinity. 

Watch the full video to see an example of the perfect green screen video. Whoever its creator is, he’s a genius. Do what he does. 

And if you want to see me dive deeper on green screens and actually show you how to make them visually, how I point at the captions, what I do in the videos, and how I edit them, click here to check out BAMx.