Every entrepreneur and business owner should have a podcast. And the barrier to entry is low. 

When Byron Lazine started podcasting, all he had was an iPhone (before they had good cameras) and a cheap mic. But he saw the potential and started with what he had. 

With time and consistent practice, his content and his podcasting knowledge improved. Because you don’t have to have it all figured out before you start podcasting. And you don’t need expensive equipment. 

All you need are the basics – which you’ll learn with How to Start a Podcast – and your own initiative.

So, what does this free ebook cover?

  • Pro Tips – like what you need to establish before you press “Record”
  • Podcast Content – something you’re passionate and at least somewhat knowledgeable about
  • Podcast Structure – whether you prefer an interview-style, news-style, or Q&A format 
  • Podcast Gear – from basic essentials to professional, top-grade equipment, Byron and his videographer share recommendations for all podcasting levels
  • Editing – with a user-friendly software recommendation
  • Distribution – making it quick and easy for you to share your podcast episodes with the world – and even monetize them

Byron knows the tips in this ebook work because they come from his own experience, through trial and error and learning from other podcasters. 

With this ebook, you’ll know exactly how to get started and how a podcast can help you grow and connect with more of your audience. 

What are you waiting for?