I’ve got some simple math that will help you schedule more appointments. 

I just finished a killer webinar for our team with Tom Ferry and Phil Jones. If you don’t know Phil, he wrote the book, Exactly What To Say. He is the best wordsmith and one of the most influential speakers and sales trainers that I’ve run into. 

Tom’s been gracious enough to bring him into our team trainings on a regular basis. And I heard something today that really stuck with me: 10-5-2

I know that may not make any sense. Let me break it down for you and explain how it can help you set more appointments, close more business, and get more referrals. 

10 Conversations, 5 Appointments, 2 Conversions

Ten conversations will invariably lead to five opportunities to do business, two of which will convert. And this applies to any sales industry. The formula comes from Phil himself. 

So, you have ten conversations a day, which can lead to five face-to-face meetings. And those five face-to-face meetings could lead to two invested business relationships.  

Let me go deeper. This is about talking to your past clients, meeting them for coffee, meeting someone from a networking group—anyone you can refer business to. In other words, these don’t all have to be listing and buyer appointments. The more people you meet, the better. 

By sticking with the 10-5-2 formula, you’re not looking at crazy ratios—as long as you have the right strategy. 

Here are three key strategies I took away from the webinar:

#1—Know what you’re going to say

You’ve got to know your scripts

Too many agents fly off the cuff. They don’t prepare anything, they don’t understand what they’re going to say, they don’t bother thinking it through. Or they mumble. 

All these things matter. 

#2—B.Y.O.E. (Bring Your Own Energy)

If you don’t sound excited, your prospect’s not going to be excited. Be sure you have energy when you get on the phone or get in front of someone. 

#3—Be consistent

It’s not only how you deliver your message and knowing what to say; you also need to be consistent with the action

Back to old school

The game in 2023 for any real estate agent is more conversations and more appointments. We all got spoiled in 2020, 2021, and 2022 when we met people, and they transacted right away because the market was so strong. It weakened our skill sets. 

This is old school with simple math: 

10 conversations → 5 appointments → 2 conversions

I’m in for that all day long. 

Imagine if you keep this mindset when working on your business. When you talk to those 10 people a day, have five appointments and get two to convert, your business starts to run automatically. 

It’s that simple: 10–5–2.

Write it down. Put it up in front of you. Get a visual tracker and start focusing on what’s really gonna drive your business—conversations and appointments.