Do you want to jump your conversion percentage and make it predictable and scalable? I’ve got a technique that’s gonna blow your mind. 

Here’s what we know about real estate agents: They don’t follow up enough. The average real estate agent follows up 2.7 times (not even 3).

And, thanks to some advanced research with a couple of partners and our advisors, there’s a number I’m going to give you that will blow your mind. A number that will create a jump in your conversion percentage.

The advisors I just mentioned have been in databases; they’ve seen what other teams across the country are doing and what we’re doing. They know the numbers.

I can share their results with you here, but there’s a catch—you actually have to do it

The 10-6 rule

So, here’s the stat: Within the first 14 days of getting a new lead, make sure you get to 10 phone calls and six text messages. Do that, and your conversion ratio will jump.

That new lead could be an expired listing call that you make, a FSBO call, an inbound internet lead, an open house lead, or really any possible type of lead.  It doesn’t matter; the stat holds. 

The 10-6 rule will change everything in your business. 

And here’s the key: It’s not automations.

It’s not just drip campaigns and emails. This is getting on the phone and making a human connection with somebody. It’s jumping in and sending an actual text message.

When you get to that 16 attempts in the first 14 days—no exceptions—your conversion is going to jump.

Making time for those calls and texts

So, how do you make time for this?

You need to time-block your schedule and set aside time for calls in the morning so you’re able to make those ten+ phone calls and send those six+ text messages.

In the afternoon, you’ve got deals happening, you’ve got appointments, inspection issues, and everything else that takes up time when you’re a real estate agent.

So, make these phone calls and text messages a priority in the morning; this is not something you can afford to just squeeze in wherever they might fit.

If you do this for every lead, no matter what, you’ll see your conversion percentage jump tremendously.

Why so many phone calls?

A lot of times, it takes five, six, or seven attempts just to get in touch with the person. When you do get them on the phone, you need to have a conversation with them about what their goals and needs are, and then be able to follow up and execute what they want you to do: 

  • Research properties
  • Set up showings
  • Schedule a consultation

Those are the follow-up steps that need to happen. So, you’ve got to get to those 16 attempts in 14 days.

It’s as simple as spending time in the morning to do it. And these phone calls are simple: 

“Hey, Nick! This is Tom with Re/Max. I’m following up with you like I said I would. I saw you had an inquiry at 102 Banana Street and just wanted to follow up, see if you want to get into the property or if you had any questions.” 

Leave that message. Leave it a couple times. Don’t be the person who calls without leaving a voicemail because no one likes a secret agent, and you’re going to tick people off by calling and not leaving a message.

Make the calls—every morning

This is where most agents fall short. Because there’s a lot of follow up that needs to happen to get to ten calls and six text messages.

But if you’re contacting every lead 16+ times, you won’t be leaving money on the table.

Because that’s what most agents do. There’s a reason why internet leads come in twelve times as a new lead—people don’t follow up enough, they don’t build a connection, and they don’t have an actual discussion about the person’s needs and goals.

If you make 10-6 in the first 14 days (10 phone calls, 6 texts) and 20+ contacts per lead—for every lead in your database—you will see a conversion jump.

It’s a numbers game. Business is math.

And if you stick to the math, stick to the plan, use the data that works for people around the country, you will sell more houses.