Do you need help organizing your lead generation time? 

Lead generation time is the most critical part of a productive agent’s day. Therefore, you should be protecting that time and not letting anything get in the way. 

Sometimes, people let every distraction get in the way. Or, they don’t come in with a game plan. If that’s the case, take a look at some of my other content, or watch BAM’s cold-calling session with myself, Byron Lazine, and Dan Oneil. 

What I want to share today is an amazing strategy to organize your lead generation time. Keep reading to learn about two distinctive kinds of leads and how to devote time to each of them. 

Organize Your Lead Generation Time

You have two types of leads: those who have no idea who you are, and those who are aware of you, whether through a connection or someone you’ve spoken to in the past. So, how do you balance both?

There are two simple ways to organize your time:

  1. Alternate days. Call new leads on one day, and follow up leads on the next.
  2. Break your time block in half. If you dedicate two hours to making calls each day, break it in half. Spend one hour calling new leads and one hour following up with prospects. 

Now, let’s get into specifics for each group of leads.

New Leads

The new lead gen time should include talking with the following people: 

  • New leads: For any new leads that have come your way, you should be calling them ASAP. Speed to lead is real. 
  • Outbound leads you haven’t connected with: This could be an expired listing, for sale by owner, circle dial, or someone you know who’s thinking about selling.
  • Older dormant leads: We know that often, internet leads don’t end up doing anything from 6 to 24 months, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. Treat leads that have gone cold like brand-new ones.

Whatever your time block looks like, call as many of these leads as you can, aiming to increase your total number of conversations.

Follow Up Leads

We know the money is the follow up, but so many agents drop the ball here. These are the follow-up groups you should be hitting during your dedicated lead gen time:

  • Your sphere: If you’re not working your database and contacting the people you know, you’re missing out big time. 
  • People close to an appointment: There are probably several people who are interested in meeting with you that you haven’t been able to book yet. You may have had a few conversations, and they’re getting close, but here’s something stopping them from setting a meeting with you. Go find out what it is. 
  • People waiting on a deliverable: There’s another group of people that you may have promised some sort of market analysis, data, or property drip setup. Whatever it is, don’t waste time getting it to your lead promptly.
  • Video follow up. So you had a great conversation, but didn’t set an appointment. This is a great opportunity to send over a video using a service like BombBomb. This way, your lead will know who you are, get your resume, and read your reviews. This will also give your leads the ability to remember who you are when you call them back.


Now that your leads are separated into groups, you can give each the attention they need. A good strategy is to alternate the time you spend on new leads and follow up leads. 

This strategy will change your business. You’ll convert more, and most importantly, you’ll avoid letting leads fall through the cracks while reaching a new audience.