In last week’s BAM webinar, BAM Creator Luke Acree—the president of ReminderMedia and co-host of the Stay Paid Podcast—joined The Broke Agent to break down his FIT Marketing Framework for real estate agents. 

As you might have guessed, the FIT is an acronym. And the F stands for “frequency.” 

There’s a double meaning in that: 

  1. The frequency with which you make contact with the people in your sphere
  2. The frequency or specific channel you use to communicate with them

While the first meaning has to do with how often you’re reaching out to the people in your sphere, the second is about creating opportunities by taking action through six frequencies. 

Read on for an overview of the highlights. Then head on over to BAMx to watch the full replay. 

6 Frequencies of Communication

Anyone in a committed relationship can tell you how important it is to have multiple daily touchpoints with your person. That’s where the second meaning of frequencies comes in. 

Think of all the methods you use to get a hold of that person, celebrate milestones, check in with them, or just let them know they’re on your mind: 

  • Face-to-face conversations, date nights, etc.
  • Text messages and voice or video messages
  • Phone calls
  • Direct mail or delivery service

Now think of how you stay in contact with people in your wider circles. You still value those connections, so you prioritize regular touchpoints. And, generally speaking, you tailor those touchpoints to the preferences of the people in each sphere. 

For example, you don’t bother leaving voicemails for your friend Gina who is notorious for ranting about people who leave voicemails when they could text her instead. 

Luke uses a client of his, Brion Harris, to illustrate the importance of using multiple frequencies to stay top of mind with the people in your sphere. Brion is in the top 1% of financial advisors, and the key to his success is he’s spread across the six different frequencies of marketing: 

  1. Email 
  2. Direct mail/mailbox
  3. Face-to-face
  4. Voice-to-voice
  5. Social media
  6. Text message (or, as Luke puts it, “screen-to-screen”)

Brion does 275 touchpoints a year for his database. 

And no, he doesn’t just send out 275 emails—or 275 text messages. Because effective touchpoint strategy isn’t about using one specific communication channel more often; it’s about using multiple channels for your touchpoints. 

If someone sees you on two or more frequencies, their brain makes it think it sees you more than it does.

Luke Acree

Here’s another gem that illustrates why that “frequency illusion” is important. 

I heard this stat the other day that blew my mind: 49% of consumers right now in your database are connected to five other agents in their sphere… So, if you think you’re going to get the business, know that at least half your database today knows five other real estate agents they could use.

Luke Acree

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already using at least one of the six frequencies described here, with some degree of regularity. 


We cannot stress this enough: unlike social media channels, you own your email list

This is why content on successful email marketing strategies get so much attention–especially after a particular social media channel suddenly goes dark. 

Here are a few recent BAM posts that not only drive home the importance of email to your brand marketing but also provide proven strategies for building your email list and leveraging it to convert more leads: 


As Tom Storey has said more than once, “Direct mail is not dead.” So, while direct mail postcards can certainly be more effective in some markets than others, there’s more than one way to leverage a client’s mailbox. 

Here are some examples:


After five years of co-hosting the Stay Paid Podcast, one face-to-face method has stood out for Luke when it comes to generating leads and referrals:

What we have seen the last two years coming out of Stay Paid for lead gen—specifically for generating referrals—is client events. Client events have been one of the number one things we keep hearing from top producers when it comes to actually generating a touchpoint and a referral from their sphere.

Luke Acree

Some ideas for client events that are working well for agents:

  • Photo shoots
  • Pie events
  • Renting an ice cream truck
  • Easter egg hunt

The other face-to-face method that has surprised Luke with its effectiveness in getting referrals is the pop-by. Another one of Luke’s clients, Garrett Maroon, who is purely referral-based, has gotten 88 deals from the 287 people in his database. 

One of his go-tos for staying top of mind with his sphere is making quarterly pop-bys. 


This is exactly what it sounds like: talking on the phone. Luke recalls part of Brion Harris’s 275 touchpoint plan, which includes phone calls: 

Once a quarter, he’s calling his whole database to interact with them, to have an actual conversation.

Luke Acree

#5—Social Media

The main goal here is twofold: 

  1. Scheduling high-value, scroll-stopping content
  2. Posting relatable, organic (in-the-moment) content

Scheduled social media content includes your pre-made, branded content that goes out automatically every day. It also includes paid advertising through social media channels. 

Luke uses a screenshot of a client’s scheduled social media content to illustrate his next point:

So, here’s what I would share with you on Facebook paid advertising. Right now, you can take your database, you can upload it to Facebook to build a custom audience, and you can target those people that are in your database right now with a branding ad to your database to stay top of mind with them. So, not only will they see you posting organically but Stephen has an ad that follows them around the web that basically thanks them for their referrals. And it’s just his brand as a billboard in front of them.

Luke Acree

#6—Text Message

Luke usually calls this “screen-to-screen” because this could also be a video message. But the following idea works whether you’re using text, voice, or video: 

I challenge everybody. Do a five-for-five. Take five minutes every single day, pick five people in your database, and actually text them. And say, “Hey, [Name,] was thinking bout you today. We haven’t caught up in a while. We’ve gotta grab coffee soon…I just saw your latest ___ on [social/website] and thought it was amazing!” 

And just text that to them. That’s a touchpoint. It’s personalized, based on something that this person is into. And now, I get to have a conversation.

Luke Acree

Another idea is one Luke picked up from Jimmy Burgess: the “CMA-a-day.”

The whole concept is [you] wake up tomorrow, pick five people in your database, reach out to them. And if you want to send them something that will actually resonate with them, you personalize it. So, why not offer to them a free home evaluation…and actually ask them, ‘Hey, what do you think about the price of what your home is worth?

Luke Acree

The point of sharing these six frequencies is to motivate you to look at your database touchpoints right now and ask yourself two questions: 

  1. Do I have at least 26 touchpoints—and how do I build upon that…, and then 
  2. Am I on multiple frequencies? 

The more the better because it creates that frequency illusion, which elevates me in the mind of my clients.

Now, here’s the thing: You can’t just have one of these [FIT] pillars. You can’t just be frequent. If you’re frequent with junk, it’s going to get you the opposite effect…I’ve done a lot of frequent marketing campaigns that haven’t worked. I have slammed people a ton of times, and it hasn’t worked. 

So, what was it about the marketing campaigns that had the frequency? What else did they have? And that’s where the other letters come in: I (Impact) and T (Trust)…

Luke Acree

Watch the full replay in BAMx to learn more.