Today, I’m excited to share one of my all-time favorite tips with you: offering a complimentary Starbucks drink on your Instagram Stories. Not only is it a nice treat for your followers, but it helps to grow your email list!

grow your email list

You might have spotted these on my Stories, but today, I’m breaking down the process for you step by step. 

Turn a Starbucks Gift Card into a QR Code

Let’s start with getting a gift card from Starbucks ready for your audience. 

Step 1: Begin by visiting from your desktop.

Step 2: On the right-hand side, click on “gift cards.”

Step 3: Select any gift card that catches your eye.

Step 4: Fill in the amount with $50.

Step 5: In the recipient email field, use your own email address.

Step 6: Hit “checkout.”

Step 7: Click on “Send gift.”

Step 8: Now, open your email and click on “Redeem gift.”

Step 9: Choose “Add to your Starbucks account.”

Step 10: Open it up in the Starbucks app.

Step 11: Your card should now appear in the app.

Step 12: Take a quick screenshot of the barcode (just the barcode, no numbers).

Step 13: Head over to Canva and search for “Starbucks QR” or “QR code template.”

Step 14: Handpick one that represents your style! 

Step 15: Upload your barcode photo and position it in the center of your QR template within Canva.

Step 16: Save and download the final version as a JPG.

Automate with ManyChat

Next, let’s make things a bit easier for yourself with automation. Head into your ManyChat:

Step 1: Start by selecting the “Capture customer data with Lead Magnet” template.

Step 2: Click on “Set Up Template.”

Step 3: Choose your “Trigger word.” (I typically go with “Starbucks.”)

Step 4: Now, start customizing the “Greeting Message.” For this giveaway, my go-to message is:

 “Hi, I’m super excited that you want to join my email list! Click the ‘Click Here’ Button below to enter your email, and I’ll send you a QR code to grab a Starbucks drink on me!”

(When your follower clicks on “Click Here,” ManyChat will automatically send an “Email Collection” message to gather their info.)

To deliver the Starbucks drink automatically:

Step 5: Click on “Next Step,” followed by “Instagram Send Message.”

Step 6: Add in the “photo” option.

Step 7: Insert the Starbucks QR code template that you created in Canva.

Step 8: Pro tip: In the delivery text along with your photo, consider adding a friendly reminder that the barcode expires in 24 hours and is valid for one drink only. 

starbucks giveaway

Once everything looks good, click “Preview,” to test it out, and then “Set Live” to activate your flow.

Tell Your Audience About Your Starbucks Giveaway

Now, to promote the Starbucks drink on your Story: 

Step 1: Choose a solid background.

Step 2: Craft a description of your giveaway. For this one, I like to say: “Join my email list to grab a free Starbucks drink on me today!”

Step 3: Encourage your followers to respond to this story with the word “Starbucks” and enter their email to receive the Starbucks QR code automatically.

Automate Email Collection

Now, if you want to take this a step further, you can automatically add your emails collected in ManyChat to your email service provider. I recommend doing this! Who wants to copy and paste all of those emails? Not me.

Step 1: Towards the end of your Starbucks ManyChat flow, select “Next Step.”

Step 2: Opt for “add tag,” and give it a name (I usually stick with “Starbucks.”)

Now, head over to Zapier:

Step 3: Begin by clicking “New Zap.”

Step 4: Choose “Trigger.”

Step 5: Search for ManyChat.

Step 6: Click on “Event” and select “New Tagged User.”

Step 7: Click “Continue.”

Step 8: Under “Trigger,” select your “Starbucks Tag” from the dropdown menu (it should auto-populate).

Step 9: Click “Continue,” followed by “Test.”

Step 10: Now, look for your email service provider (I’m a fan of Flodesk).

Step 11: Choose “Event: Create/update subscriber.”

Step 12: Click “Continue” and pick “Email” from the dropdown.

Step 13: Select the Email Segment where you want these subscribers to go.

Step 14: Finally, click “Publish Zap!”