Creating what is technically called a geographical farm can be expensive upfront, but it has long-term value—huge long-term value. 

Ideally, you want to look for a geographical radius with a turnover rate of 6% annually or more. The higher, the better. 

Select a community where you can commit long-term, as you’ll be farming for leads on a weekly and monthly basis.

Here are six ways to build a geographical farm and dominate your chosen neighborhood. 

#1 — Create a direct mail campaign

The most common tactic for farming consistently is direct mail. 

Start by selecting a thousand-home radius—or on a smaller scale, 500 homes—to send direct mail to. Commit to sending mailers to 100% of these homes a minimum of twice per month. That’s 24 pieces of mail for each residence, at minimum, for the year. 

Some examples of direct mail you can send:

  • Market updates
  • Invitation to events you’re hosting within the geographical farm
  • Proof of success: sales and under-contracts
  • Updates and reviews of what’s happening inside your farm
  • How that farm is performing compared to the rest of the market

These types of pieces add value to homeowners. 

#2 — Geofence the area

Next, geo-fence the entire neighborhood with ads. Run ads on Facebook and on all the different websites your farm is naturally using. You want to hit all the IP addresses inside of the farm. 

In addition, serve them content on video—and even static ads online. You want your brand popping up everywhere they go online inside. You want them to notice: Hey, this guy/gal is sending me mail, popping up on my iPad; they’re everywhere! 

#3 — Host community events

Once a quarter, host some type of community event to bring people together. Some options include:

  • A food or ice cream truck for the area
  • A community barbecue hosted by you
  • An invite-only community event
  • A block party for your neighbors 

You, as the host, are the person sending them mail, geo-fencing their online activity, and now getting face-to-face with them. 

#4 — Door knocking

Spend time every single month door knocking the neighborhood. Ensure you are getting your face out in your farm as often as possible.

The same goes for any type of sweat equity; you only want to bring value into your neighborhood. Let them know about other sales in the area or neighborhood values. 

With enough time spent in the neighborhood and enough value-add, the homeowners in your farm will think of you before they think of any other agent. 

#5 — Living in your farm

If you live in your farm, even better! Buying a home in the area you’re farming shows that you’re a believer in that neighborhood. And just like them, you are one of the neighbors. 

They will see you walking your dog or hanging out. The neighbors will know you as someone invested in the area, hanging out with your kids or chatting with someone else in the neighborhood. 

#6 — Using your car to advertise

If you are going to use your car to advertise with decals, keep the car where people can see it! I wouldn’t be parking in the garage if using my vehicle as a marketing tool. 

I’d leave it right out in the driveway so everybody sees that billboard daily.