Sending a monthly newsletter isn’t going to cut it in 2024. 

In a special episode of This Week in Marketing, Tom Ferry and Jason Pantana spoke about why real estate agents need to consider DAILY emails to their databases. 

Let’s dive in. 

Consider Yourself a News Source

As a real estate agent, you have access to local market data and national trends that consumers don’t. And it’s up to you to share that information. As Tom Ferry stated in the clip, “Think about your favorite news channel. They email you 2-3 times per day.” 

While daily engagement might seem like a leap, the truth is that you have an unparalleled opportunity to provide your clients with timely insights, exclusive property updates, and expert advice. 

“We have people who are sending emails monthly, and I would argue probably getting little to no response. You’re saying weekly—I could make the argument, for some of our clients, daily.”

Tom Ferry

Here’s the catch—your emails must contain something of value. Otherwise, people won’t even bother opening them. So, if a daily email seems like a stretch, think about how often you can update consumers in your database. Just remember, the more often, the better.

It All Goes Back to Content

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “What do I put in a daily email? I’ll run out of things to say!”

It all goes back to your content. 

“Having content is like having money. When you have money, all of a sudden you think about, Where can I put that money? How can I utilize that money?’ Content’s like that.”

Jason Pantana

If you are already making videos, writing out captions for Carousel posts, and sharing your opinion via green screens on a regular basis—then you have plenty to share with your audience. Utilize that content in your emails to ensure the people in your database get the information they need while keeping you top of mind. 

Watch the full episode of This Week in Marketing  for the five most important real estate marketing channels in 2024: