Email marketing works. 

And if you’re not delivering value with the emails you’re sending to your database, then you’re missing a major opportunity. 

I’m going to break down an actionable email from Jimmy Mackin, founder of Curaytor, and Tom Ferry, the #1 ranked real estate coach. Keep reading for the full script, ways to systematize your approach, and how to follow up for conversions. 

Winning Email Script

This is one of the simplest things you can do. Most agents get jammed up because they don’t actually take action on simple things like this email. 

If you have a bulk email feature in your CRM, congratulations—you can do this in about 30 seconds. If you use a mailing system like MailChimp or another listserv, congratulations—you can do this in about 30 seconds. 

Don’t overthink it—and don’t deviate from the email. 

Here is the email script:

Subject: How much equity did you gain in 2023?

I’m setting aside a few hours this week to put together home equity reports for my clients. 

These reports are more comprehensive and accurate than what you’d get from an online tool. 

Can I send you one for your home? 

Let me know.

Happy New Year!

(Your name)

This is super easy and super actionable. All you have to do is send out the email. Once that happens, give it a day to see what kind of responses you get. 

Systematize Your Responses

From there, come up with a system to collect responses and share information with homeowners.

One simple way to systematize is by sending a form to ask people: 

  • What improvements they’ve made to the home 
  • If they’ve put any additions on 
  • What they think their home might be worth

Or, you can just send a video CMA. Watch this Agent Hacks episode with Tom Ferry for a full breakdown of the “CMA-a-Day” campaign.

With a CMA video, you’re not selling or asking for business. You’re asking, “Can I help you with some valuable information about your property?”

That’s what a knowledge broker does, and that’s what agents who will sell the lion’s share of properties in 2024 will do. 

Follow Up with a Conversion Conversation

So first, you send the email out. Then, decide how you’re going to systemize it, whether it’s by sending a form out and waiting for the responses or just knocking them out one by one with a video CMA. 

Now, here’s the kicker: call everyone to follow up a couple of days afterward to see if they have any questions. And that’s where you may have a conversion conversation. 

“Hey, Nick, hey Michelle. What did you guys think of the home equity report I sent over to you? Pretty incredible numbers, right?” 

From here, get into a discovery script to understand what their goals are for the year. The key here is when you provide value—that’s where you shine as a real estate agent. 

Treat Everyone Like a CURRENT Client

We know that 68% of sellers they list because of proximity. So, if you’re working your client database, you don’t want to make the mistake of asking, “Hey, do you have any referrals?” 

Instead, continue delivering value as their advisor. This is what financial advisors do. This is what accountants do. This is what attorneys do. 

And my good friend down in Maryland, Andrew Undem, says people use the word “past client” way too much. These are your clientscurrent—and if you treat them that way with value like this, that’s where the repeat and referral business comes from. 

You can’t just ask for it. You’ve got to provide value so that they’re coming to you when their friends, family, loved ones, and all the people who trust them want to transact in real estate. 

Do yourself a favor. Block out 15-20 minutes and send this email out. Don’t be one of those agents who says, “Hey, this is a great idea,” and then sit on it because those people lose. Winners implement.