Every consumer out there has an email inbox overflowing with marketing messages. 

Their physical mailboxes, on the other hand, have a lot less clutter to sort through. Knowing this, I’ve spent the last year testing intentional mailers that not only reach my target audience but resonate with them. 

With the addition of effective follow-up scripts, these strategies are more than just marketing tools—they get results. Let’s dive into my top three pieces of direct mail that have made the biggest impact and caught the most attention.

#1 – About Me

This mailer is all about branding. Originally, it felt strange to send a mailer about myself to a neighborhood, but the response has been significant. With this mailer, I am able to connect to my ideal client by showing our shared values. This is a mailer I will rinse and repeat at least once a year. 


Follow-up Script for the “About Me” Mailer

Hi, this is Katie Lucie with (insert brokerage), how are you today?

I’m calling because I recently sent out a mailer. I know you get calls from Realtors too often, so I won’t take up too much of your time. I’d just like to reintroduce myself and assure you that I’m here to serve the communities on (Street name), where I’ve lived my entire life. And even if you have zero interest in moving, I am happy to assist you with a home valuation, home maintenance tips, contacts for estate planning, contractors, or whatever you need. 

Is there anything real estate-related you’ve been curious about recently?

If they answer “Yes” Based on their response, I answer any questions and aim to book an appointment or send them a guide on a topic related to the conversation.

If they answer “No” — Ok great, thank you for your time, and if you hear any rumors that any neighbors are considering a move please let me know! 


This mailer dives straight into the heart of family connections. Since my geographical farm consists mainly of boomers, it is a powerful motivator for its recipients, especially those grappling with the joys and challenges of new grandparenthood. It addresses a significant pain point—being separated from new grandkids across the country—and has already prompted two sellers to reach out to me, appreciating the thoughtful solution it presents.

What makes this piece evergreen is its ability to resonate consistently, proving effective multiple times throughout the year. I strategically time its distribution around Christmas and spring break, recognizing these periods as opportune moments when family visits are more likely. This careful timing not only aligns with the emotional pulse of the recipients but also positions me as a reliable source, reinforcing connections with potential clients during these crucial life events.


Follow-up Script for the “Family” Mailer

Hi, this is Katie Lucie with (insert brokerage). How are you today?

I recently sent a mailer on downsizing, as so many of our neighbors are considering a move to a more manageable home or to be closer to the grandbabies. I’m calling today to offer you a free downsizing guide. Would you be interested in learning more about downsizing in the future?

If Interested: Great, what’s the best email? I’ll get that right over to you. (If they say no to giving out email, tell them “No problem, I’ll drop a hard copy in the mail for you.”) 

One of the most important factors in considering a move is knowing the value of your home. Even if you don’t plan to move this year it’s always important to know your equity. Would it make sense to spend 15 minutes with me to walk your home and give you an accurate estimate? 

If Yes: Great, does (insert day) morning or (insert day) afternoon work best for you? 

If No: No problem, I can drop a CMA to you in the mail with overview information on neighborhood sales and my seller services so you get a clearer picture of the process when the time comes

Not interested: Thank you for your time and if you hear any rumors that any neighbors are considering a move please let me know! 

Never selling: Can’t blame you, it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods, so I get it. If you plan to stay there forever have you considered putting your home in a living trust? This can save your family a ton of money and the stress of probate. I am happy to send you a basic overview of this and recommend an attorney.

I wrap up these calls by reiterating what I’m going to do for them based on the conversation and thank them for their time.

#3—Market Expert & Seller Services

This mailer is like a personalized case study, using recently sold properties to shed light on the often inaccurate premarket Zillow Zestimates. It’s essentially a way of saying, “Hey, hiring a pro is a must, and I’m here to show you exactly how I make those sales happen.”

Both sides of the mailer include property photos, and I make sure to include the sold price—something the homeowners always want to know.  But it’s not just about the numbers; the mailer gives me a chance to outline what makes me stand out as an agent. I highlight my unique qualities and lay out the seller services I offer, making it clear that potential clients can achieve the same great results by hiring me. 


Follow-up Script for the “Market Expert & Seller Services” Mailer

Hi, this is Katie Lucie with (insert brokerage). How are you today?

I’m calling with an exciting update to the property values in (insert neighborhood) as we just closed on my listing on (insert street) with a sales price of (insert price). I am happy to deliver the good news that this should put a healthy bump to your equity since this was one of the highest sales in the community. What’s more interesting is that I got the sellers over $315,000 over the premarket Zillow estimate, which goes to show those digital estimates don’t always get it right. In fact they were off by nearly 20% on this one. Does this surprise you?

I just pulled up your Zillow estimate right now, I have my opinion on it, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you know what your Zillow estimate is? (play off what they say but don’t give your number) (regardless of what they say) 

Interesting, as a professional I would love the opportunity to take just 15 minutes to swing by and discuss what your property may be worth in this market, even if you are not interested in selling, it’s always good to understand the real-world value of your home. Would you have 15 minutes for this? (Aim to set the appointment!) 

Wrap up by reiterating what you’re going to do for them based on the conversation and thank them for their time.

Don’t be afraid to Diversify

Diversifying my approach beyond traditional real estate mailers has been a game-changer in connecting with my geo farm. I have sent out tide charts for boaters, spring training schedules, summer bucket lists, and even charity golf tournament invitations. 

All of these have proven that blending non-real estate content with local resources resonates with my farm! This mix of branding and generic real estate content, coupled with showcasing my personality and unique value proposition, has garnered a positive response in 2023, giving me the confidence to double down on this strategy for 2024.

Take Inspiration from Industry Leaders

The beauty of this strategy lies in its adaptability to direct mail. It’s not just about pulling from personal social media; I draw inspiration from industry leaders like Byron Lazine, Jimmy Mackin, and Tom Toole

By crafting mailers based on their insights into prospecting and market news, I’ve found an additional creative avenue. Whether it’s something noteworthy from the Hot Sheet or a gem from KCM, I delve into my MLS to extract similar compelling information tailored for my local market. This approach not only keeps my content fresh and relevant but also positions me as a knowledgeable resource in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.