Congratulations! You’ve just crushed the listing appointment and walked away with a signed contract to list a property. You are feeling good—the dopamine rush is hitting, the commission check is calculated, and you can envision the flood of buyers that will rush to the property the second you get this baby up on the MLS. Right? 

Hopefully, but let’s do the work to increase the odds of that happening. So, what are the impactful tasks you should focus on between the celebratory moment of getting the listing contract signed and the listing going live on the MLS? 

In this article, I’ll discuss the key steps I utilize to prepare for a listing launch, add value to my sellers, and cement my reputation as a top-notch real estate agent.

Verify the timeline

After securing the listing contract, the first critical step is to meticulously organize and confirm the timeline for the listing launch. 

You likely touched on this during the listing appointment, but now is the time to confirm key activities including:

  • Premarket inspections or repair tasks
  • The go-live date
  • A neighbor-only event
  • The public open house schedule 

By creating this timeline you are setting yourself up for a smooth and successful market debut. 

A picture worth a thousand views

Plan, schedule, and execute your content like a pro. Start with scheduling “Coming Soon” photos early to kickstart your marketing efforts and lay the groundwork for your print materials. 

Additionally, consider arranging a staging consultation to ensure the property presents at its best. Once the house is ready, engage a professional for high-quality photography and videography. It’s also crucial to guide homeowners with resources on how to prepare their homes for photography, enhancing the outcome. 

After obtaining the listing photography, the focus shifts to maximizing exposure when the listing goes live. Plan out your marketing strategy to include direct mailers, exclusive event invitations for neighbors, dynamic social media content tailored for different platforms, targeted ad campaigns, effective use of tools like Google Business Manager and a strategic email marketing campaign. Elevate your listings further by preparing well-designed property brochures, informative open house materials and a dedicated listing landing page.

Final touches

As you gear up for launch, show your gratitude by dropping a thank you note and token of appreciation to the seller and reach out to thank the referral source if applicable. 

In addition, you need to ensure everything is in place for a smooth and successful launch:

  • Create a transaction coordinator task list for administrative tasks like emailing the seller the executed contract and welcome email, ensuring all compliance and paperwork are meticulously completed and ordering the for-sale sign. 
  • Order all necessary print materials for the listing launch and the open house. 
  • Set up a neighborhood MLS search to stay informed of any new market activities.
  • Conduct research to estimate the potential rental value of the property. 
  • Collaborate closely with the seller to verify all property details, gather comprehensive information to accurately populate the MLS listing and craft a compelling listing description. 

Throughout this process, it’s also important to stay in regular contact with the sellers. Update the homeowners on the progress of these tasks and inform them about how you plan to communicate feedback from showings and share marketing metrics once the listing is live.

Bottom line

Have a plan, execute well, and show the sweat. It’s a lot more than just “putting it on the MLS” and 2024 isn’t the year to pull back. 

From the moment you get the listing agreement signed to the listing going live on the MLS, every step is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and dedication.  A well-executed listing launch will not just help in efficiently selling a property; it allows you to shine as a professional and build a reputation as the go-to agent for listing homes in your market.