The goal of listing photos is pretty straightforward. Good photography catches the eye of your ideal buyer and encourages them to set up a tour with you. 

The better the photography, the more likely it is that your client’s listing will stand out and attract a crowd of curious potential buyers. 

But not everyone knows how to take good listing photos. You’ve probably seen more than your share of terrible real estate pics

They make good cautionary tales—but they don’t sell many houses. 

Your clients deserve better. So, here are five tips to take better listing photos.

#1—Get your timing right

Schedule your listing photography for the golden hours of the early morning or evening. In the middle of the day, the sun is the harshest because it’s right above us. So, anything you’re shooting outside is going to have some pretty dramatic shadows. 

What I suggest you do is begin in the middle of the day with the inside of the home. That way, you have the greatest amount of natural light. 

The timing is going to be in your favor because, as soon as you’re done shooting the inside of the house, you can shoot the outside, front and back, during the golden hour of the early evening, which always provides some of the best lighting. 

#2—Share a listing photo checklist with your sellers before the day you take pictures

When you’re at your seller’s house for the first time, you’re likely walking around telling them, ‘Let’s declutter here,’ and ‘Let’s remove that.’ Maybe you even go far enough to schedule another time to help them declutter and move things around. 

Take it one step further by providing them a checklist with a handful of high-level items you want to make sure are addressed before picture-taking. For example: 

  • The windows are cleaned
  • The refrigerator is cleared of all its magnets
  • The front door is power-washed
  • The driveway is cleared of all the cars

Little action steps like that show your professionalism. They also save you and your photographer a ton of time on shoot day. 

#3—Condense shooting appointments

Schedule your virtual tour on the same day and time that you’re taking your listing photography. And if you are present at the appointment, you can even get in some filming for a listing video or a just closed video

The reality is your listing photographer is likely going to be the same person who can do your 3D tour as well as your listing videography. Make sure it’s all happening on the same day. 

Nothing can be hidden in a 3D tour. So, if you’re putting in the effort to get the house looking beautiful for the photos, take advantage of that well-staged home, that immaculate and tastefully furnished house, and use the 3D video at the same time. 

#4—Pre-shoot final walkthrough 

Do a final walkthrough of the property before your photographer starts taking pictures. By that, I mean walk through the house and make sure— 

  • All the lights are on
  • The fans are turned on
  • All the natural light is being utilized
  • The window shades are open
  • The refrigerator magnets are cleared off
  • The toilet seat is down, etc. 

The list goes on and on, and they are very simple things to catch before you end up in post-production. The last thing you want to see in a snap of your client’s bathroom is the toilet lid standing at attention. 

#5—Invest in professional photography

I saved the most important tip for last: Hire a professional! 

I know I’m giving you tips that will support you in learning how to do this yourself. And I understand it is not cheap to invest in a photographer or a professional videographer. But the reality is these small investments in your business will elevate the game significantly! 

Because the little things that you are trying to figure out are second nature to a professional. And when your seller sees you at the house with a hired professional, it makes a tremendous difference in what they believe you are investing into their most valuable asset. 

Because it just doesn’t resonate the same way when they see you holding the camera. 

I hope you found these tips helpful. Shoot me a DM if you need any support. And share this post with somebody you know.