“Hi. My name is 47 Bennington Heights Drive. But you can call me Benni.”

Fourteen words is all it takes. With this simple hook, Anna Oliver and Matt Lionetti’s latest listing video draws viewers into a narrative where houses have personalities and addresses have voices. 

From there, it’s nearly impossible to pull yourself away from the screen as you go down memory lane with Benni. Go ahead and press play to see what we mean:

Crafting a Meaningful Luxury Listing Video

Part of what sets this listing video apart isn’t just its unique storytelling approach, it’s the genuine emotion that radiates from every frame. It’s the same feeling the duo felt when they walked into the property for the first time. 

“As soon as I walked into Bennington Heights I got such a warm and comforting feeling,” Lionetti said. “I grew up with so much love in my family and no matter how my day went, I knew I’d go home to a place I was loved and felt safe. I think a lot of people can relate with that and want that for their family.”

That’s why, instead of leaning into the typical video concepts that come with luxury properties—like fancy cars, opulent home features and name brand clothes—they opted to showcase the intangible essences that make it a home. 

Through Benni’s voice, viewers watch all the cherished “firsts” a family created. These are the memories that make saying goodbye to a home so bittersweet. And for any potential buyers watching, they also shine a light on the excitement of moving into a new place and the adventures that lie ahead. 

Story Telling Over Self-Promotion

One of the most unique aspects of Oliver and Lionetti’s approach is their decision to step back and let the home speak for itself. 

“From the beginning we both agreed we wouldn’t be in the video, Lionetti explained. “I’m known as ‘the funny guy’ and could take away from the sentiment and the core of the video. If our audience sees us in the video they just see us, and may not follow the story as closely.” 

With every listing, Oliver and Lionetti are thoughtful in how they showcase the property—whether through an Architectural Digest-style photo shoot, his-and-hers golf-themed videos released days before the U.S. Open, or a “commercial” showcasing what it’s really like to live in multi-million dollar property. 

Their creative listing videos not only maximize exposure but capture the essence of each home, allowing potential buyers to connect on a deeper level. And sometimes, the best way to sell a home is to let it speak for itself. As Lionetti puts it,

 “Every home has a story. Our job is to tell it—and sell it.”

Matt Lionetti