For the last “This Week in BAM” of 2023, we bring you the top 20 most clicked-on articles of the year in real estate news, agent marketing, and agent tactics, as well as a few others that don’t quite fit in any of those categories but were too good not to include here.  

We’re also sharing the biggest BAM firsts of 2024, including— 

  • The Hot Sheet—the industry’s only daily live show on housing market news, hosted by Byron Lazine (weekdays when the market is open)
  • The Knowledge Brokers Podcasta weekly in-depth review of the latest news on housing and the U.S. economy, hosted by Byron Lazine, Tom Toole, and Lisa Chinatti  (Fridays)
  • The first BAM in-person event: BAM Camp
  • The launching of BAMx and its growth to over 1,600 members

Read on to enjoy our 2023 highlight reel. 

Top News Articles on BAM

Top Agent Marketing Articles on BAM

We’ve rounded up four of the most-clicked on articles in agent marketing, plus a staple BAM article series, “Content Ideas for Agents,” which goes up on the first day of every month. 

Top Agent Tactic Articles on BAM

Other Notable Articles

From humor to life lessons to CEO emails, it’s clear BAM readers have enjoyed a diverse range of content. As we reflect on the highlights of the year, here are five more of our most-read articles:

BAM Shows

BAM added two new shows to the mix this year:  Hot Sheet and Knowledge Brokers Podcast.

The Hot Sheet is the only live, daily podcast dedicated to news on the U.S. housing market—including inventory updates every Monday and thoughtful reviews of every FOMC meeting, data report, and housing market forecast. 

The Knowledge Brokers Podcast is a weekly, in-depth review of the latest news in both housing and the U.S economy—anything that could impact your clients and your real estate business. Hosts Byron Lazine, Tom Toole, and Lisa Chinatti also share timely strategies and scripts that have helped their businesses grow in a challenging market.  

BAM Camp

On September 20th, we hosted our first in-person BAM Camp in Naples, Florida, where Byron Lazine and Eric Simon, aka The Broke Agent, founded BAM. It was a sold-out event with some of the biggest names and most creative minds in real estate. 

Speaking of events, BAM also hosted an epic second annual BAM Bash during the Tom Ferry Summit in August 2023. 

Stay tuned for more news on BAM events in 2024—including three in-person events!


We launched the BAMx platform in April 2023. Already, by the end of the year, it’s grown to over 1,600 members. If you’re not one of them, yet, here’s what you’ve been missing out on: 

  • A growing library of online courses (a new one each month) 
  • Charts and show notes for daily episodes of the Hot Sheet
  • A webinar replay that shows you how to use the Hot Sheet show notes to create valuable, up-to-date content for your database
  • Regular livestreams, including a bi-weekly “Office Hours” with Q&A and guided tutorials
  • The most supportive and engaged Facebook community for real estate professionals

Use code FROSTY by 11:59 pm ET on Jan 2 to save 25% on your annual membership or your first month.