So many agents out there using ChatGPT are still using one-sentence prompts. And while you can still get some useful ideas that way, there’s so much more you can do with this AI tool. 

I keep finding new ways to get even more value from ChatGPT. And when I do, I can’t not pass that on to you guys. You’re out there busting your tails as real estate agents. The least I can do is help you get the most from the time you spend on ChatGPT. 

So, let go of the idea that this genius timesaver can only handle simple requests like “Write a property description for 123 Main Street.” 

We’re about to get really demanding. Because ChatGPT can take it. 

ChatGPT Carousel Post Prompt

Considering this is one of the most effective scroll-stopping post formats on Instagram, knowing how to prompt ChatGPT to create a post that ticks all the right boxes is a skill you need to master. For one thing, it’ll save you tons of time. For another, if you’re anything like me, the results you get will spark other ideas you can use for future posts. 

Here’s an example you can edit to get more brand-appropriate results:

Background: I’m a 27-year-old female real estate agent in St. Pete, Florida. 

Tone of Voice: My tone of voice is conversational, fun, and friendly. I like the audience to feel like I’m telling them a story. 

Format & Style: I want to create a Carousel post for Instagram. The title should have a curiosity-provoking hook that creates a sense of urgency or necessity in the audience. I want them to feel as if they’re on the brink of missing out on some exclusive or valuable information. Then, each slide should continue to keep them interested and swiping, with a strong header and value-packed information underneath. The call-to-action is my free Summer Guide to St. Pete. My goal is that they want to download this guide for more. 

The Topic: The topic is Your Summer Bucket List in St. Pete. 

ChatGPT Strong Hook Prompt

You need a clear head to think up irresistible hooks for your social media content. And some days, clarity goes MIA, and you’re left staring into space and wondering if you should try that adaptogenic mushroom supplement your friends are raving about. 

And again, ChatGPT to the rescue! Here’s an example of a prompt to generate hooks for a post on preparing your home for showings

Instructions: I’m looking to create an attention-grabbing hook that will create a sense of urgency about my content. I want my audience to stop scrolling on Instagram and spend time on my post because the hook caught their attention. 

Tone of Voice: The tone of voice I like to use is conversational, friendly, and relatable. I don’t want it to seem too much like a headline because that seems robotic and not personal. Write it in sentence format. 

Guidelines: No more than 20 words in the hook. Please provide five options with a shocking statement, five options with an anecdote, five options with a question, and five options with a challenge. 

Target Audience:  Locals in St. Pete, Florida who own a home or are interested in buying a home. 

Goals/Objective:  To grab the audience’s attention, provide value, and build trust. 

Post Topic:  How to Prepare Your Home for Showings: Tips for Making a Great First Impression

ChatGPT Strong Hook Prompt

You probably already know you can ask ChatGPT to write you a blog on pretty much any topic. But the more details you give it to work with, the closer the results will come to what you want. 

Of course, for that to happen, you need to actually know what you want in a blog post—and why. 

I mean, you could just ask ChatGPT to write you a blog post about 10 things a new resident can do in St. Pete, Florida—or 5 things they should know about staging their home. But who knows what tone ChatGPT will use to write it—or whether the results will be SEO-friendly. 

Also, don’t assume ChatGPT just knows the goal or objective you have for this blog post—or what kind of call to action it should include. 

Artificial intelligence isn’t any more psychic than we are (Phew!). So, be transparent with your vision for the post. Here’s an example you can use or modify to suit your purposes:

Instructions: I need help crafting a comprehensive, SEO-friendly blog post about navigating the real estate market for first-time home buyers. The blog post should engage readers, provide them with valuable information, and position the real estate agent as a reliable expert. 

Tone of Voice: The tone should be friendly, professional, and empathetic, giving reassurance to the reader that they’ve found a trustworthy source of information. 

Structure: Please provide a detailed structure for the blog post that includes the following sections: 

    • An intriguing title
    • A captivating introductory paragraph  
    • Subheadings for each main point
    • Engaging content under each subheading 
    • A conclusion that summarizes the key points and directs readers to take the next steps


    • Title: No more than 60 characters
    • Introductory paragraph: Between 60-100 words
    • Content under each subheading: 200-300 words
    • Conclusion: 100-150 words
    • Please provide five different structures each with a surprising statistic, a real-life example, a provocative question, and a bold claim. 

Blog Topic: “Essential Steps for First-Time Home Buyers: Successfully Navigating the Real Estate Market”

Goal/Objective: The goal is to provide first-time home buyers with a roadmap to navigate the real estate market successfully. This should not only increase the time readers spend on the page, leading to improved SEO performance, but also establish trust and encourage readers to consider using the agent’s services for their real estate needs.  

Why should you bother creating such detailed prompts?

At this point, you might be thinking, “How do you know ChatGPT is actually taking all this in and isn’t just skimming over your words and spitting out results based on just a few of the words in your prompt? 

It’s a fair question. And the best way to get an answer to it is to try these prompts yourself by copying and pasting them right into ChatGPT. That way, you can see for yourself how many details it takes in—and what it can do with them. 

That said, there’s another benefit to this approach. 

Creating more detailed prompts like this forces you to get clear on the results you want. And when you have that clarity, you’re much better able to recognize high-quality results when you see them. 

As a content creator myself, I am constantly putting ChatGPT to the test. And then I can’t help sharing anything I find that could be helpful to my fellow content creators on Instagram. 

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