No agent should be afraid of expired listings

Yes, many are frustrated about not having sold their property. But they are also the people who have been thinking about selling their homes for a long time. This means they’re ready to make a move right now—as long as they have the right support. 

Why use a script?

Knowing how to talk with disgruntled homeowners and being able to show them that not all agents work the same is critical in getting past their frustrations and landing an appointment. So today, I’m sharing the same script I use with expired listings. 

This script recently helped me secure a $2 million dollar listing. Plus, it also helped a friend of mine land some appointments, all while feeling way more confident on the phone. 

expired listing script

Expired Listing Script

This week when you sit down to make some calls, try this script on expired listings. 

  1. Hi [Name], this is [your name], I’m a Realtor, and I just wanted to ask you a quick question about the home for sale. Would that be ok?
  2. I saw that it came off the market unsold and I didn’t know if you had sold it privately? Or is it still available?
  3. Ok, fair enough. I was surprised to see that the home didn’t sell. I’m curious—when your agent was updating you each week, did they share any feedback or what they planned on doing to get it sold?
  4. What about how it was marketed? Did they do any open houses, run advertisements, or do digital marketing?
  5. I see… And had it sold, were you planning on buying locally or did you have plans to relocate altogether?
  6. Got it.. well, it sounds like you’d still like to move. If you got an offer with terms you liked and a price that made sense, would that be an issue at this point?
  7. Ok, well before I let you go, let me share what I’m thinking…
  8. Listen [name], I’m not saying that I’m the agent for you, but how about I stop by tomorrow at [time] or maybe [day] at [time] so I could see the condition of your home? We meet in person, and I could show you how we’re getting other homes sold. 
  9. So, does tomorrow or [day] work better?
  10. Great, so I’ll email you shortly, and if for some reason the meeting time doesn’t work, I’ll let you know.
  11. Sounds good, talk soon. 

If you decide to give this a try, send me a DM—I’d love to hear how it works out! And for more agent scripts and tips from me every week, sign up for my Super Secret Agent Email