Who doesn’t love a great listing video? 

At this point, a lot of agents have become serious content creators—and nothing showcases those creative talents better than listing videos.

Case-in-point: Matt Lionetti and Anna Oliver’s real estate commercial showcases a narrative that is equal parts humor and luxury. 

Or Taya Dicarlo’s perfect short-form listing video, which features one of the best hooks we’ve heard, quick shots of the house, and a call to action.

And, of course, don’t forget Tim Smith’s iconic “Teach Me How to Duffy.” There’s a reason it made national headlines and has remained the gold standard of listing videos since 2018.

Fortunately, you don’t need a $200,000 camera—or really any budget—to replicate Ryan Serhant’s latest listing video. 

Let’s take a look.

A Listing Video that’s Quick and Engaging

Ryan gets right to the point, starting with the hook, “You have to check this out.”

From there, the video features a sped-up tour of Ryan walking through the property. This allows viewers to quickly get a sense of the property’s layout, features, and overall appeal, while the fast-paced visuals keep the video engaging and prevent viewers from losing interest.

The video is completed with a voiceover and captions. He keeps the voiceover casual, highlighting the unique selling points while also saying things like, “It has that private pool that I just stuck my hand into,” and “I didn’t even know you could get this in Chicago.” 

So, to sum up, the video includes a hook, a sped-up tour, and a voiceover with captions. 

Yep, that’s it. 

It’s so simple, any agent can replicate it.  

No Budget? No Problem!

Sure, Ryan probably had his videographer film and edit this video, but to create a captivating video showcasing the house and its features, you don’t need a high-budget production. With just a phone (preferably one with a good camera), a handheld gimbal for stabilization, and some decent lighting, you can replicate the same effect in three steps.

1. Film the Tour

Start by attaching your phone to the gimbal and have someone follow you around as you explore the home. Just like Ryan, interact with the surroundings to highlight different features. Feel free to get creative and think of actions that will effectively point out the unique aspects of the house and property. (For example, Ryan splashes pool water at the camera, walks into the shower to demonstrate its size, and jumps on a treadmill to showcase the fitness amenities.)

2. Edit with a Voiceover

Editing for a video like this can be completed right in the Instagram app on your phone. Speed up your video to maintain a dynamic pace and keep viewers engaged. Next, create a voiceover that showcases your personality along with the homes best features. If you’re stuck on a voiceover script, call on ChatGPT to help you out. 

Pro tip: Speak directly to the viewer. For example, instead of saying, “It comes with a commercial grade elevator,” Ryan says, “You get your own commercial grade elevator.” This personal touch adds another layer of engagement and connection to the audience. 

3. Add Captions

Finally, add captions to the video. This step ensures that viewers who are watching without sound still learn about all the unique features of the home. Plus, captions tend keep everyone watching for longer. 

Your Turn

In a time when a single listing video can easily cost an entire year’s marketing budget, real estate agents find themselves at a crossroads. Some believe in the power of jaw-dropping videos, investing substantial amounts to impress prospects with social proof. Others question the impact of videos on actual home sales. 

But in this landscape, one thing is certain: it’s crucial to diversify your content and effectively showcase properties for your sellers. So why not dive headfirst into creating your own captivating listing video—especially if it doesn’t break the bank? Not only will it engage your audience and leave a lasting impression, but it will also demonstrate your skills and expertise to future clients.