This week on the Over Ask Podcast, Marie Lee, aka @MoveMeToTennessee, joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss the legendary inspiration behind her Instagram handle. 

That leads right into a detailed conversation on how to create the perfect agent Instagram profile, including what to have in your Instagram highlights. 

They also talk about more personal details, like how Marie transitioned from teaching to real estate, marketing, and social media. She talks about her first TikTok dance video, how her strategy developed, why Instagram is the channel she focuses on most, how she uses her “guide channel,” and the type of Reel she recommends for agents just getting started. 

Marie reveals what she puts into her Nashville Hot Takes newsletter, her email click-through rate, and her process for developing her free content. 

The conversation also touches on the evolution of Instagram, why broadcast channels are huge for engagement and community building, and what she does for Coffee & Contracts

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:39 Intro 

00:39 Marie Lee & the inspiration behind the name, @MoveMeToTennessee 

03:49 From teaching to real estate, marketing, & social media 

06:14 Did your first sales come from social media? And what did your first post look like? 

07:53 From TikTok dance to high-level real estate marketing 

10:09 What goes into the Nashville Hot Takes newsletter? 

12:47 Describe the process of creating your freebie content 

15:22 Making changes based on IG analytics 

18:51 What is the perfect profile for real estate agents? What are you looking for? 

21:46 Should agents use the “MoveMeTo____” formula for lesser-known markets? 

28:58 What should agents have in their Instagram highlights on their profile? 

31:00 The easiest place for agents to start 

33:52 Why broadcast channels are huge for engagement and community building 

40:46 How Marie uses her “guide channel” 

46:20 What are you doing for Coffee & Contracts?

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