Jimmy Mackin, CEO of Curaytor, shared a must-send email in the BAMx Private Facebook Group last week. 

And as a real estate agent, it’s one you’ll want to implement right away.

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But before we break down Jimmy’s post, let’s talk about the graph that sparked the conversation.

Strong Data and Visuals are a Must for Educating Consumers

It’s no secret that low inventory, especially affordable inventory, is the biggest challenge in today’s market. And we know the home search is weighing on many buyers who have been on the hunt for months, or even years. This year’s Gallup Poll proves it— as consumer sentiment is at the lowest it’s ever been.

With all the fear-mongering headlines, real estate professionals need to be able to bring value to the table. Educating the consumer, with clear data and historical statistics, can help clear up confusion and help buyers feel better about their decisions in today’s market. 

That’s why Byron Lazine has been sharing this graph on repeat on the Hot Sheet:

home price growth by months

This graph from Lance Lambert shows that for the past four decades, homeowners who stay in their homes for 7-10 years have significantly increased their equity. 

When Byron posted it online, telling the BAMx community how valuable this info is for clients, Jimmy Mackin was quick to provide a script every agent can use for an email or personalized video.

The Email Every Agent Should Send this Week

In his BAMx Facebook group post, Jimmy started off by saying, “If I were in your position, I would turn this (visual) into a video/email ASAP.”

Subject line: When is the worst time to invest in real estate?

Body of email: If you have a long time horizon like most people, the short answer is never. 

I know this sounds like your typical “Realtor-speak,” but if you examine home appreciation broken down by decades, you can start to understand why buying a home and holding it is almost always a great investment.

home price growth by months

Here are three common mistakes to avoid:

1. Add in the biggest mistakes you see buyers making in your market here.

2. Consider pulling stats from your local MLS.

3. You can also add an anecdote from a conversation you recently had with a client.

Wrap up your email with a quick CTA. 

A Template You Can Use Again and Again

Consider Jimmy’s script a template you can use over and over again whenever you find data that speaks to the buyers, sellers, or homeowners in your market:

  1. Subject line: This acts as a hook for your email or personalized video. Make sure it is something that directly addresses the pain points, fears, or questions of consumers in your local market. 
  2. Body of email or video: Start delivering value from the second the email opens. No need to introduce yourself or give your name—get right to the point.
  3. Visual: Add in the graph, chart, or visual that clearly proves your message. Make sure to source the visual for more credibility. 
  4. Bring it to the local level: To wrap up, provide a quick list of why this matters to buyers or sellers in your local market. This can include mistakes to avoid, reasons to take action, or information gathered about a particular neighborhood. 
  5. Call to action: Finally, end with a call to action. This can be as simple as, “If you have more questions, respond to this email or use this Calendly link to set up an appointment.”

Need help sourcing data and visuals?

Sourcing relevant data, charts, and visuals can be a big task. And let’s face it, you likely don’t have time for that. 

That’s why BAM hosts the Hot Sheet—the industry’s only daily show that dives into all the real estate and economy news you need to know. And all the charts, graphs and resources from the show are available to BAMx members so you can keep your focus on educating your clients. Use code HOT for 10% OFF your subscription here.