This week on Over Ask, Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent\ make a big announcement on the future of the podcast. They talk about how the podcast started, what it’s led to since January 2021, and why they decided it was time to pivot with the format.

Listen in to learn the details of what you can expect from these two in the months ahead. Stay to the end to hear why podcasting is (so much) better with a great co-host, the tech challenges of podcasting over Zoom, and why they prefer bulk recording. 

Plus, you’ll get to hear which episodes each of our hosts consider their top three—and which one each was most nervous about. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:06 Intro 

00:49 Big announcement 

01:58 How Over Ask started 

08:15 Pivoting with the format 

12:16 The challenges of podcasting over Zoom 

14:26 Why we recommend podcasting 

16:58 What the Over Ask podcast has led to 

27:32 Having fun on Threads 

34:33 Matt’s top 3 episodes 

35:42 The Broke Agent’s top 3 episodes

37:48 The episode Matt was most nervous about 

38:25 The episode The Broke Agent was most nervous about 

39:52 Why podcasting is (so much) better with a co-host 

41:50 Why we like bulk recording

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