On this week’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Candace Decker, a cold-calling machine from Florida, joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent. The conversation starts with how she got 36 deals in her first year as an agent, along with a chilling story about her first listing appointment.

From there, they discuss how she moved to Illinois, what brought her back to Florida, and what she did differently, including how she mastered scripts for cold calls to expireds and how she applied what she learned from a Tom Ferry Conference.

Candace also revealed what she did when Hurricane Ian hit Florida and how that drove her content. During this time, she focused on helping her community, quickly becoming a neighborhood leader and a living, breathing blueprint for agents to follow when natural disasters strike.

Finally, Candace shared what she’s doing now with her content, how she’s getting leads for her team when she’s no longer in production, how she gets clients to trust the agents on her team, and what she’s doing to recruit and train new team members.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:44 Intro

03:22 How she got 36 deals her first year

06:54 Her first (and scariest) listing appointment—and why she ran out the door. 

11:00 What brought her back to Florida and what she did differently

12:37 How she mastered scripts for cold-calls (with a shout-out to Tom Toole)

16:17 “The expireds want to be heard, because they weren’t heard by their last agent.”

17:41 What she does when a seller responds with ‘No, I’m not interested.’ 

18:27 What she does to prepare for making calls

22:25 Her favorite way to follow up with people

27:00 How she gets her clients to trust someone else on her team

29:45 The perfect blueprint for agents to follow when natural disasters hit

36:41 Why agents need to create other income streams

40:08 The 30-day path to success for agents

41:10 Her content and recruitment strategy

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