You could have the most in-depth knowledge of the housing market, the most incredible marketing strategy to get home sellers top dollar, and the secret to getting buyers’ offers accepted in today’s market—and still not have enough clients to pay your bills. 

Why? Because in order to attract prospects and turn them into clients, they must first know you exist. 

That’s why Tom Storey says, “Visibility beats ability.”

And in a recent YouTube, he broke down why visibility is so important in the real estate industry.

Depending on what stage of your career you are at, there are different ways to gain visibility. Some require time, others require a marketing budget. Focus on ones you can do right now to become known as the go-to agent in your markt. Let’s take a look at seven ways to gain visibility as a real estate agent. 

#1—Open Houses

Whether hosting an open house for your own listing or hosting for other agents, open houses provide ample opportunities to get your name (and face) out in the community. 

  • Ramp up the excitement with an Instagram Story highlighting the best features of the property, and let them know when the open house is so they can check it out themselves in person. 
  • Door knock the day before the open house is scheduled to personally invite neighbors. 
  • Talk with everyone who comes in the door, regardless of whether they are actively looking. Showcase your knowledge and aim to make as many connections as possible.
  • Turn back to social media after the open house ends to let your audience know how it went, share a funny story that happened, or updates for anyone interested in making an offer. 

#2—Produce Videos and Social Media Content

It’s no secret that consistently creating content for your audience on social media is pretty much an essential part of every agent’s business today. It allows you to reach a larger audience than from door knocking or cold calling alone. And when you focus on educating your audience and providing them with value, people will start to remember you. 

If you have a marketing budget, you can start to push your content out to more people with targeted ads. This one from Jason Cassity is a great example of how agents can get more exposure for themselves—and their clients.

#3—Engage with Others on Social Media

Producing content and engaging with others on social media are two different things. Along with creating and posting content, it’s critical to start conversations on every platform where you have a social media presence. You can do this by:

  • Asking a genuine question at the end of your own posts.
  • Respond to every single comment you receive.
  • Comment and engage with other real estate accounts. 
  • Join community Facebook groups and start responding to comments, asking questions, and sharing value. 

#3—Door Knocking

Most agents cringe at the thought of door knocking. But team leader Lisa Chinatti recently shared a strategy that makes door knocking much more approachable. 

Start to think about door knocking as part of a larger geographic farming strategy. Embed yourself in the community as much as you can, through direct mail, hosting events, making calls, and supporting local businesses. As you get to know more people in the community or neighborhood you want to target, start door knocking as a way to engage in conversations specific to real estate. 

#4—Ask for Reviews

Online reviews play a crucial role in establishing your credibility and attracting new clients. When potential buyers and sellers research real estate agents, positive reviews can significantly influence their decision-making process. But in order to get reviews, you need to start asking for them. Follow these steps to get over the fear of being pushy and start collecting those 5-star reviews. 

#5—Direct Mail

A direct mail campaign can be an effective way to continually show up in your community—as long as it’s done consistently. Keep in mind that direct mail does require a budget, but as Tom Storey knows, it can be really effective. Check out his direct mail strategy here for examples and tips. 


No, blogging isn’t dead. But once again, the key is to write about topics that add value to your market, rather than the same cookie-cutter posts every other agent is posting on their websites. 

Consider a community-style blog like Dan MacKinnon’s Life in Sarasota County and Gulf Coast Florida, which showcases different neighborhoods, attractions, beaches and restaurants near Sarasota. Or, if you are more interested in numbers and analytics, you can write posts that break down the local housing market and share what it means for homeowners in your area. 

#7—Get out in the Community

Shutting yourself in your home office all day, every day is a quick and easy way to become irrelevant. To gain visibility and build meaningful connections, you must actively engage with your local community. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Attend local events, fundraisers and gatherings. 
  • Join local organizations, like the PTO or Chamber of Commerce. These groups offer excellent networking opportunities. 
  • Sponsor or host events. These can be real-estate related, like a home seller’s webinar or social events for locals to connect. 
  • Volunteer. Give back to your community by volunteering for local charities or community projects. 
  • Support local businesses. Have a favorite coffee shop or restaurant? Start going there multiple times a week. Talk with the owners, employees, and other customers. Before you know it, you’ll have a list of names to add to your sphere.

Gaining visibility in the real estate industry takes time and consistent effort. By combining online strategies with active community involvement, you can establish yourself as a reputable and trustworthy real estate agent in your local area. As you build relationships and demonstrate your expertise, word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations will naturally follow, leading to an increase in clients and sustained success in your real estate career.