Creating compelling content can often feel overwhelming, and we’ve all been there. The struggle to stay true to your brand, while also captivating your audience can leave you feeling caught up in your own thoughts. So where do you even begin?

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in lip-syncs, tried your hand at dancing, or resorted to pointing at captions, hoping to magically go viral. But let’s pause for a moment. Before we dive into tactics and trends, there’s a secret to unlocking greatness in your real estate content: good ideas. Yes, you heard it right. Good content doesn’t require tricks. It starts with a strong foundation! 

The Four H’s: Building a Strong Foundation

That strong foundation includes the four H’s, which are essential to implement into your content strategy. 

Helpful: Establishing Yourself as an Authority

Providing valuable and informative content is essential because it establishes you as an authority in your niche and builds trust with your audience. When you share useful tips and tricks, you demonstrate that you genuinely care about helping your followers. 

Take inspiration from Brooks Landry‘s video where he starts with a strong hook, “Let’s talk about handcuffs for a minute.” 

His video not only captures attention but also delivers valuable insights that resonate with viewers. Helpful content showcases your expertise and reinforces the idea that you know what you’re talking about, which keeps your audience coming back for more. You want to establish yourself as a reliable source of knowledge and guidance. 

Tactical Tips for Helpful Content

Head to the Real Estate News section of the BAM site. Pick a recent article and go green screen mode

For something more localized, head to Google, input your city in the search bar, and click on the news section. Choose a recent article, and then create a green screen video on Instagram to showcase it creatively! 

Humor: Connecting Through Laughter

Humor is a powerful tool because it helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level and adds a sense of relatability to your brand. When people laugh and find joy in your content, they are more likely to remember you and share it with others. Dan Oneil‘s video, where he asks his client for a review, exemplifies how incorporating humor can create memorable and shareable content.

Tactical Tips for Humorous Content

The Unreal Estate series: Go green screen mode to discuss bizarre or unusual properties and listings from around the world.

Real Estate Bloopers: Compile a blooper Reel of funny outtakes from your listing video tours. 

Create a video about a funny story your family always tells about you. 

Heard: The Heart of Vulnerability

Empathetic content that resonates emotionally with your audience is essential for building authentic connections. When you share stories and experiences that make people feel heard and seen, they will relate to you on a personal level

In my video below, I strive to show Realtors that it’s okay to be vulnerable and that showing up leads to personal growth. This type of content fosters trust and loyalty as people see you as someone who understands and cares about their needs. Don’t be afraid to share personal stories and deep captions that touch the hearts of your audience.

Tactical Tips for Heard Content 

Share stories of individuals or families who found their dream homes after facing setbacks or obstacles.

Tell a story of your biggest failure in real estate and what you learned from that experience. 

Create a video where you share a heartfelt story, reflecting on what advice you would give to your 18-year-old self if you had the chance to go back in time. 

Happenings: Inviting Your Audience In

Offering behind-the-scenes content gives your audience a glimpse into your daily life and activities, which fosters a sense of authenticity and transparency. People are naturally curious about what goes on in our daily lives, so giving them a sneak peek can be fascinating. 

Haley Ingram from Coffee & Contracts sets a great example by sharing a time-lapse video of herself working from her computer. Behind-the-scenes videos like this build a stronger connection with your audience and make them feel more involved in your journey. Additionally, it can humanize your brand and help your followers relate to you as a real person, not just a Realtor.

Tactical Tips for Happenings Content 

Share a time-lapse video of yourself working from your computer or making calls. 

Create an authentic and engaging day-in-the-life video that gives your audience a glimpse into your daily routine. 

Final Thoughts

As you integrate these four pillars into your content strategy, remember that authenticity is key. Stay true to your brand voice while exploring various content formats and themes to see what resonates best with your audience. Embrace your unique personality and style, as this will set you apart from others in your niche.

As you invest in building genuine connections, your followers will become not just passive consumers but active participants in your brand journey. Keep nurturing these connections, and you’ll witness the growth of a thriving community that stands behind you and eagerly shares your content with others.