This is part of a five-post series recapping BAM’s recent webinar: Explode Your Digital Brand Through the Holidays with The Broke Agent, Byron Lazine, Katie Day, and Jason Cassity. Read previous posts in the series here:

The holiday season can be tricky for entrepreneurs. What type of content should you post? Is it possible to grow your audience at the end of the year? Or should you just give up and wait till January?

If you tuned into BAM’s webinar this week—or read yesterday’s post on how to explode your Instagram, you know our thoughts on that last question.

Now is the time to get ahead of all the agents who take it easy through the holiday season. And today, we’re going all-in on what to do on Facebook for the next 90 days. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a hack for community engagement. Whether engaging in them or creating them, becoming a recognizable figure in your community can lead to a spike in attention and referrals.

The Broke Agent once had a guest on his podcast who generated 80% of her business from Facebook groups because she was constantly active in her community Facebook group.

Try this exercise: Steal an engaging question asked in your local Facebook group and make a video answering it to post across all your social channels. 

Facebook Groups are one of the best resources to reach people who will buy, sell and invest in your community.

These community mom groups are where shit happens. Every time I ask my wife a question about Naples, she runs to the Naples moms’ group.

Byron Lazine

The more you engage and interact with others in Facebook Groups, the faster you’ll become a trusted resource in the community.

Create Brand Awareness Through Business Oriented Posts

Posting listings, home tours, and neighborhood spotlights are a good baseline to keep your Facebook active. It’s also a great place to highlight your team members and their wins. For example, the next time one of your team members gets a buyer under contract in a multiple-offer situation, highlight that win and show your team’s success.

From there, running Ads for your video content is a great way to promote brand awareness on Facebook. A lot of people are spending their ad money on TikTok and YouTube right now, so putting some extra on Facebook may make your content go further. 

You can also create brand awareness by periodically hosting live videos and interacting with people on the platform. 

Check Your Memories

Here’s a genius tip from @thebrokeagent. The first thing you should do when you log onto Facebook is check your memories and make sure there isn’t a status from 2008 that you need to delete. He advises you to do this every day, as we were freer with what we were saying when we were asshole high school and college students. 

Business Reels

Business Page Reels on Facebook are starting to generate some organic reach that hasn’t been seen for a while. Typically on Facebook, you should cross-promote your content and ask your audience engaging questions. Here are a few pertaining to the holidays:

  • What’s your favorite holiday event in [insert town]?
  • Name your favorite Thanksgiving pie topping.
  • Where is the best place to snag a last-minute gift in [insert town]?

Test Content

The Broke Agent recommends using Facebook as a testing ground for content. 

These days, everyone is really particular about what they post on their Instagram and TikTok feeds. If you’re unsure what to post, use Facebook to experiment with implementing new content and concepts. 

If a post gets good engagement on Facebook, you should, without a doubt, be posting it on the rest of your social channels.

Stay tuned for the rest of the “How to Explode” series, where we’ll be breaking down tips for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Q&As from the BAM webinar!