Every weekend, real estate agents across the country prepare to host open houses, not only to sell houses, but to make connections with potential buyers and sellers. 

But how can you stand out in a sea of “Open House” signs and generic balloons?

Shane Burgman recently shared a  simple (and affordable) hack: custom banners. 

By investing in a customized banner, Shane discovered the perfect way to set the tone and engage visitors at his open houses. Watch below to learn how he uses one banner to create a memorable open house experience:

The Power of Customization

With a custom banner at your open house, you’re not just another agent lost in the crowd. Instead, you have an opportunity to showcase your brand and personality while conveying important information. 

Take a cue from Shane’s set of open house rules: 

  1. It’s an Open House, come on in!
  2. Ask questions, that’s what we are here for.
  3. Feel free to wander around.
  4. No, we won’t force you to sign in.
  5. You break it, you buy it.
  6. If you’re eating/drinking, did you bring some for us?

These rules not only guide visitors but also create an inviting and open atmosphere. By addressing common concerns upfront, you ensure that visitors feel right at home (pun intended) and can fully immerse themselves in the potential of the property (not to mention your stellar services). 

Create a Call To Action

Of course, the banner needs some type of call to action—and on a banner, QR codes can be incredibly powerful when used strategically. 

And once again, Shane adds a touch of his humor to his CTA, making people more likely to engage:

If you would like to work with us, have any questions, or just want to stalk us online, scan below.

By linking the code to his Linktree, Shane can provide visitors with real-time updates, open house listings, exclusive giveaways, and even convenient access to gate codes. 

A QR code allows you to adapt and tailor your offerings to each open house, ensuring a personalized experience for every visitor. Not to mention it is an excellent tool for capturing leads and engaging with potential clients.

Test it Out

A banner from a service like Vista Print costs under $200, can be used again and again, and is easy to pack up and travel with. So go ahead, customize a banner infused with your personality, and see what kind of conversations it starts at your next open house.