Good news for all the real estate agents who hate door knocking

Lisa Chinatti, team leader of the #1 team in Massachusetts, recently shared her thoughts about door knocking. And it might just change your perspective on the dreaded task.

Build Relationships Through Geographic Farming

Lisa believes that door knocking is just one piece of the puzzle in a comprehensive program centered around geographic farming. To be successful, you must establish a presence in the neighborhood long before you approach someone’s doorstep.

What I believe about door knocking is that it is valuable, there is ROI, but you’ve got to do the stuff to prime the pump first.

Lisa Chinatti

Team Leader, Chinatti Realty

“Priming the pump” means employing various tactics like sending informative mailers, organizing events, and becoming an indispensable member of the community. By becoming a familiar face and building relationships in the area, door knocking feels less intrusive for homeowners, and more comfortable for agents. 

Give, Give, Give, Ask

One of Lisa’s key strategies for cultivating relationships is following Gary Vaynerchuk‘s advice: give, give, give, ask. Rather than approaching homeowners with an immediate request, focus on what you can do for the neighborhood or community you want to target. 

Are you:

  • Providing regular market data through mail?
  • Sharing valuable information with homeowners (without any strings attached)?
  • Making proactive calls to update residents on local market trends?
  • Frequenting and supporting local businesses?
  • Hosting or sponsoring community events?

By giving generously and without expectation, you’ll lay the groundwork for trust and reciprocity.

Unconventional Approaches that Make an Impact

When it comes to community involvement, get creative and think outside the box. 

Lisa shared a brilliant example of sponsoring a neighborhood event on a small budget. In her former farming neighborhood, there was a private sandy beach that froze over in winter. Lisa seized this opportunity and sponsored a community ice skating event. With a simple setup of a table, a campfire, and some hot chocolate and s’mores, she quickly became a recognizable figure in the community. 

By leveraging existing resources and hosting unique events, you can establish familiarity and break the ice before you ever knock on a door.

Door Knocking as Part of a Larger Strategy

There’s a difference between cold door knocking and door knocking that is part of a strategy.

Lisa Chinatti

Team Leader, Chinatti Realty

Randomly knocking on strangers’ doors doesn’t feel good for anyone involved. But strategic door knocking that stems from a robust geographic farming program can lead to more conversations and potential clients. 

By embracing generosity, actively engaging with the community, and utilizing unconventional approaches, you can transform door knocking from a dreaded chore into a rewarding experience.