Did you miss it? Jordan Cohen—the number one RE/MAX agent worldwide for six years running—joined us on BAMfest for a fireside chat with Byron Lazine

As is our custom, we packed BAMfest with conversations and curated extras you’ll want to listen to again and again, notebook at the ready. 

In this particular conversation, Cohen dove into his listing presentation, sharing scripts and strategies behind his $300 million annual sales volume—with only two assistants. 

If you’ve been with us long enough, you know we can’t say enough good things about Cohen’s book, The Agent’s Edge. We even gave out more than 20 copies of the book during BAMfest. 

If you don’t have your own copy yet, and if you need that extra push to invest your coins in what could be your best real estate book purchase of the year—or decade—keep reading for some highlights from a conversation you’ll want to hear in its entirety. (Trust us, this is just a small sampling of all the wisdom Cohen dropped.)

Now, on to those scripts. 

#1—Script for talking about photography with sellers

During the conversation, Lazine brought up Cohen’s book, The Agent’s Edge, and spoke of how Cohen takes simple things that he does for his clients—like photography, print ads, and social media—and turns them into “wow” factors. 

As Cohen put it, “You never know what’s that one thing that’s going to resonate with a seller or blow them away.” 

Here’s how Cohen speaks to prospective sellers about listing photography:

Mr. Seller, let’s talk a little bit about photography. I’m going to shoot the home at dusk. I know most Realtors shoot it (during the) day, but I’m going to shoot it at dusk. We’re going to get photos before the sun goes down, as the sun’s going down, and then after the sun goes down. The reason for that, even the interior shots will look better, less glare coming in from the outside…’ 

Mr. Seller, let me explain something to you. I’m not going to sell your home based on photos. That’s not my goal. My goal is to create enough excitement to get a buyer interested and fired up to come see your home in person. So then I could do what you’re paying me to do, which is sell your home.

My goal with epic photography is to create enough excitement to have your home stand out from the rest. So I’m going to shoot your home at dusk…Then I’m personally going to curate the right shots. Certain photos work better vertically for social media. Certain photos work better horizontally for print and for the internet. So I’m going to create the very best ones, Mr. Seller. I’d rather have 20 photos than 70 photos. People get bored when they’re looking at photos. On any of my houses, you’re never going to see a toilet. You’re never going to see things like that or a crowded closet. Photography is critical….’” 

Not only does he sound like he knows more than the average agent when it comes to photography, but he also makes the point that “most agents” do (essentially) the bare minimum when it comes to photographing their clients’ properties. 

He sets himself apart from most agents—which enhances his value. Clients who want the best possible outcome for their home sale are more likely to hear this pitch and think, “Wow, he really knows his stuff. And he’s willing to do more than most agents out there to make sure I get the best price.” 

Cohen also knows the value of the work he does on behalf of his clients. So, he’s not afraid to ask for it. And he makes sure they know they’re getting the best value for their money when they work with him. 

#2—Script for summing up the listing presentation

When you really enjoy real estate, you get good at it. And the better you get at it, the more fired up you get at every opportunity to practice. 

With growing skill and confidence, you create more opportunities. But none of that matters if you go into your listing presentation with the wrong idea of who is working for (or with) whom. 

Cohen wraps up his listing presentations by telling prospects what to expect when he is working for them:

“Mr. Seller, understand one thing…I am the CEO of the business of selling your home. It is my business to sell your home. I’m the one that’s going to curate the photos. I’m the one that’s going to market it. I’m the one that’s going to show it. I’m the one that’s going to get buyers to become excited and other brokers to be excited. That is a business. I’m the CEO of that business. 

“But make no mistake, you are the chairman of the board. I work for you. I understand the dynamic. You’re still my boss. I’m looking forward to working for you with this transaction. Thanks again for the opportunity to work for you.”

In full agreement, Lazine added that this approach to the agent-client relationship works at every price point. 

Everybody wants to be a boss and call the shots, especially when it’s their dirt, their wood, their investment, they got the mortgage, they took the risk. You’re damn right we’re working for them, and more agents should be saying it. I’m glad you’re screaming it. You’re putting it into books….

Byron Lazine

#3—Script for closing

Read on for Cohen’s answer when Lazine asked him, “What’s your best close?” 

…My goal is to have you be as confident in me as I am in myself, that I am the best real estate agent for you

Mr. Seller, I gave you everything. I know none of the agents you’re going to talk to are going to market the same level as I do. Nobody else is going to do a full page in [this publication]. Nobody else is going to explain social media the way I have explained. Nobody else is going to [fill in the blank]. 

“I hope you’re as confident in me as I am in myself, that I’m the right agent.” 


And I usually mic drop it at that and shake my head yes. I know the answer’s going to be yes, because I do have that confidence.

Jordan Cohen

#4—Script for when you’re new

Obviously, not all agents have the accolades Cohen can share at his listing presentations. So, how do you give yourself a competitive edge when you’re too new to have gained even local recognition for your skills as an agent?

When Cohen was new, he used to say the following:

“Mr. Seller, I’ve been doing this for a year, and let me tell you why that’s advantageous to you. I don’t have any old habits to break. I’m trained to sell real estate in today’s market. I’m trained with current trends, and current social media. I’m trained in today’s market, so I’m going to use today’s tactics that work to sell your home. I don’t have 25-year-old habits to break. I’m current, I’m now, I’m today. That’s why you want an agent like me.”

#5—Script for raising the price point of your listings

If you’re looking to raise the price point of the homes you’re selling, Cohen gets right to the foundation you need to have in place, plus the readiness to put in the work and hone your skills as a sales professional. 

So once you’re a good Realtor, you’re a good Realtor. Once you read my book and study it and you have a good listing presentation, you’re going to be great at selling real estate, whether it’s $300,000 homes or $3 million homes. You’ve got to have the guts to move, like I did, but none of that comes into play if you’re not really good at it. So having a great presentation, being a great Realtor, will give you the guts to move in. Then, when you move into a luxury market, you better up your marketing.

Jordan Cohen

Here’s a script you can use when talking about that marketing:

“Mr. Seller, I’m not here to sell myself. You’re not going to see anything I mail out with a photo of me….It’s all about the house. I only get paid when I sell your house, not when I list it. I’m going to work 24-7 to sell your house. You’re not going to see a photo of me pretending to be on the phone or holding a dog. I try to represent your home in a professional way the way it’s going to do.” 

If you take nothing else from this conversation…

At the end of the day, if everybody does exactly what I do, and I know they don’t, it comes down to who you have the most confidence in. Who’s the best salesperson? Who’s the best salesperson to get that buyer to make the commitment to buy your house? That’s the difference. So again, I say it just like that. We’re salespeople. I’m not the CEO, I’m not the founder and chairman and CEO of Jordan Cohen Real Estate. I’m a sales guy. I’m a real estate guy. And that’s what you want. You want somebody to sell your property.

Jordan Cohen

And if you want to know exactly what Cohen does that has made him the number one RE/MAX agent six years running, get yourself a copy of The Agent’s Edge and read it—at least once. 

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