Now that Jordan Cohen’s debut book, The Agent’s Edge, is (finally) available, we’d be doing real estate professionals a disservice if we didn’t tell you how incredible it is. 

If you read only one book this year to help you grow your real estate business, make it this one!

The full title for the book is The Agent’s Edge: Secret Strategies to Win Listings and Make Your Fortune Selling Real Estate

And Cohen, the #1 RE/MAX agent in the world for six years running, really gives away all his secrets. 

As Byron Lazine said, 

I’m actually surprised he shared so much, ‘cause he’s still competing against everybody in his market.

Byron Lazine

If that doesn’t have you rushing to place your order (we’ll wait), we’ve now got some new and more detailed reviews for you to enjoy, starting with The Broke Agent, who co-wrote a chapter in the book with Matt Lionetti

“I’ve read three books in my entire life: Holes, Prisoner of Azkaban, and The Agent’s Edge. This is the best book that a real estate agent can buy. This is the new real estate bible. He teaches you how to win listings. He went from selling $50,000 tract homes to $20/$30/$40 million listings…if you’re an agent, pick up a copy right now. It will help explode your business.

The Broke Agent

No matter where you are in your career, you will learn something from what Jordan’s doing on his listing appointments, and he shares it all here….this book’s going to be around for decades as something that coaches and brokers are pointing to. The Agents Edge truly does give you that advantage to winning the listing in your market.

Byron Lazine

Value-filled front to back—and the best part about it is it’s from someone who’s done it and is still actively doing it at the highest level…This is a complete roadmap of a book. You can come back to it ten years down the road, it’s still gonna be relevant. Whether I was in the book or not in the book, I’d be saying the same thing because it’s going to help so many agents, whether you’re four months into the business or forty years.

Matt Lionetti

I’m sharing this with you guys because this book will help your mindset, it will help you with relationships, it will help you become a better agent and a better salesperson…Jordan works with Anthony Davis, Bret-Michaels, Mike “the Miz,” …He’s not doing it because he’s good-looking. He’s doing it because he builds and maintains relationships.”

Dan Oneil

Jordan’s book is available in ebook, audiobook, and hardcover. Get your copy now and start reading. It won’t be long before the committed agents who’ve read this book will outnumber—and consistently out-perform—those who haven’t.