This week on BAM’s Continuing Ed channel, The Broke Agent is sharing five indispensable rules for content creation. Follow them—and I mean really follow them—and we guarantee you’ll produce better content and grow your real estate brand. 

And with that, let’s dive in. 

#1—Consume content.

Makes sense, right? If you want to write a book people will want to read, you need to be reading books similar to the one you want to write. 

The same goes for social media content. If you want people engaging with your posts, you need to be scrolling through your feeds on all the platforms you’re using: 

Think of scrolling as research. Consuming content is essential to staying on top of trending styles and seeing what types of posts are working for other content creators on that platform. 

There are still agents posting four-minute-long horizontal videos on Instagram like it’s 2017. Are they not looking around and scrolling? You think that’ll work? No! The reason The Broke Agent and BAM have been able to consistently grow and maintain their relevancy is because I’m seeing what other people are posting, what’s working, what’s getting engagement. The time you spend mindlessly scrolling through TikTok and Instagram is not actually wasting time because you’re getting ideas and you’re subconsciously learning from the content that is working.

The Broke Agent

You heard the man. Buckle down and get scrolling!

#2—Be social.

You knew this was coming, right? Scrolling through other people’s content is important, but if you’re not engaging with any of it…don’t expect anyone to engage with yours. 

As The Broke Agent puts it, “You want engagement, give it.”

  • Support your followers
  • Comment back
  • Comment on other posts
  • Like photos
  • Respond to other people’s Stories
  • Respond to DMs

And most importantly, do not leave people hanging! 

You can automate the posting of your content, and you can even automate short responses to other people’s comments using a tool like Manychat. But no bot can replace you and your real, off-the-cuff responses. 

Real engagement requires presence. So, make time for real and thoughtful engagement with your audience on the platforms you use. They’ll appreciate it, and they’ll be far more likely to engage with your content. 

Or if they already have taken the time to engage with your content—say, for example, by commenting on your post—return the favor by commenting on one of theirs. 

#3—Be consistent. 

You’ve probably been told this a hundred times already, but it bears repeating. Consistency will do far more for your brand than one post that goes viral. 

The Broke Agent is the most consistent poster in real estate history. Every day, he posts something. He doesn’t stop. And that’s half the battle. 

Getting a post to go viral doesn’t really do sh*t anymore. Sure, you might pick up a bunch of new followers—and followers that will probably unfollow you because your content isn’t the same as that viral post. But that should not be the goal. If you want to build a strong following, you have to do it by being consistent and showing up every day and outlasting your competition brick by brick. Be the agent who outlasts the agent who quits. Post content consistently for a couple years straight, and you will see results.

The Broke Agent

#4—Don’t let the algorithmic waves faze you.

When it comes to engagement, you’ll have days when you feel like an Instagram celebrity and days when it seems like either you’re invisible, or everyone on the platform has collectively decided to ignore your posts. 

Hive mind theories aside, this is not unusual for Instagram. And stressing about it is not the move. In fact, we’re including this here to reassure you that, unless you posted something seriously messed up, the sudden drop-off in engagement is probably not your fault. 

You could be doing everything right on Instagram and finally getting a sense of what works on the platform. Then, boom! Instagram tweaks something and your engagement crashes. And you have no idea why. 

This is why rule number three—consistency—is so important. If you keep doing it daily, the peaks and valleys won’t matter because you’re still posting when it’s good and when it’s bad. And it will be bad. And it will be good.

The Broke Agent

#5—Get out of your comfort zone and take risks. 

For a lot of us, talking to a camera is well outside our comfort zone. It’s so much easier just to do text posts and to share memes and images you found online. No one has to see how different your profile pic is from your actual face because you took that picture almost a decade ago.

The thing is, as The Broke Agent says in the video, no one can connect with your brand if they don’t know the person behind it. And showing your face—talking to your audience via the camera—is something people now tend to expect. There are so many brands to choose from; the ones that stand out are those that have real, relatable people behind them. 

Taking your brand to the next level will most likely mean doing something that’s uncomfortable for you now—until you get better at it. 

To do that, you need to be willing to suck at it for a while. And most people are highly allergic to being bad at something, especially when they’re giving people a front-row seat to their humiliating beginner stage. 

But the only way you can get good at something, so you can one day look back and see how far you’ve come, is to step right out of that comfort zone and do the thing. 

Once again, consistency is as critical with this as with everything else that matters to you. The good news is you can do uncomfortable things consistently. Start with day one and keep going.

For you, the uncomfortable thing might be something else:

Maybe it’s filming a different type of content that you and your audience aren’t used to. If your content is usually funny, try something more serious. If your content is no-nonsense, hit your audience with a skit. Push your limits, mix it up, get uncomfortable, and keep testing and taking risks. Otherwise, you may never find out what type of content takes your brand to the next level.

The Broke Agent