You don’t want to overuse Manychat. Start asking for keywords right and left–-without delivering anything of real value—and your audience will lose interest. 

Always give your audience a reason to type in that Manychat keyword. Choose a post that already delivers value. Then give them a sense of FOMO about something related to it that would interest them. Set up that Manychat trigger word as the blue pill that will lead a select few of your best and bravest to content that will make a real difference for them. 

We’ve been using Manychat to provide value to committed professionals like you—with invitations to exclusive webinars, the BAMx community, and our first in-person event, BAM Camp. The results have been impressive—and we want to pass along all we’ve learned. 

If you’re wondering how to do this for your own business, here are two examples of Instagram posts where we used Manychat with great results. 

Example #1: An Instagram carousel post to promote a webinar

This post killed it for multiple reasons. For one, too many agents out there don’t realize just how powerful YouTube is for building their brand. We hosted a BAM webinar with Tom Storey to help change that, and folks were ready for it. 

We used the Instagram carousel post format and started with a fact on the first page. In the caption, which we know not everyone reads (but plenty will), we included a clear verbal call to action (CTA) for the Manychat keyword right in the first few sentences—and again in the last paragraph. 

IG-Manychat-for-YT-web-1-Where-to-plug Manychat-KW-in-caption

And because (as we just said), not everyone reads the caption, we included a visual CTA right on the final slide of the carousel post. We even put the keyword “BAM” in red to make it stand out. 


Over 200 people liked this post, and if you look at the comments and open some of our replies, you’ll see the public auto-responses we added during the Manychat setup for this post. We added three possible replies, and Manychat alternates them. 


Example #2: Instagram Reel to announce an Event

Our second example is a Reel we created to both announce BAM Camp and invite people to learn more and sign up for it. The caption for this post has a clear call to action right in the first paragraph. 


And since not everyone reads the caption (their loss), we also included a verbal CTA in the Reel itself, along with a visual reference to it. 


In the caption, we also used red alert emojis to set off the “Huge Announcement.” You don’t want to overdo these, but they do help draw attention to the announcement we’re making and might even get people who wouldn’t otherwise read the caption to give it a look. 


As with any of your social media posts, give your audience a reason to consume the whole message. Give them something they can take to the bank (figuratively), and they’ll recognize you as a brand that is always worth their time and attention. 

Don’t waste a second of it. 

To learn more about how to make the most of Manychat, check out our BAMx course, “Automate Your Lead Gen with Manychat” hosted by BAM Creative Director Jill Pryzlucki and The Broke Agent.  

And if you’re serious about building relationships on Instagram and Facebook, don’t miss today’s Manychat livestream in the BAMx Facebook group at 4 pm Eastern Time.