BAM Key Details: 

  • The first BAM-1000watt survey report highlighted some key agent attitudes toward social media—namely its importance to growing a real estate business and which platform/medium is the most effective. 
  • The highest shares of respondents ranked Instagram and then Facebook at number one, with YouTube trailing as a distant third, underscoring a potent opportunity for real estate agents. 

As the first product of many collaborative surveys between BAM and 1000watt, the latest report—available in its entirety on BAMx—shared some interesting insights on agent sentiment regarding social media. 

We thought we’d share some of the highlights here to whet your appetite for more. Because we’re just getting started. 

We’ll focus on two questions to gauge the importance of organic social media to today’s real estate agents, as well as which platforms have been most effective in helping agents build their brand and reach more of their audience. 

The importance of organic social media reach for real estate agents

First, we asked agents, “On a scale of 1-10, how important is organic social media to your business?” 

The highest share of respondents (23.6%) gave it a 10, and about 72% gave it a six or higher, suggesting the vast majority of real estate agents place a high value on social media engagement for the growth of their business. 

Only about 28% ranked social media importance at a five or lower. 


Source: BAMx

The most effective platform/media

Asked which social media platform/medium has been the most effective in helping them grow their visibility—and, by extension, their business—the highest share of total respondents (50.32%) ranked Instagram at number one. The next highest (35.71%) chose Facebook

Trailing behind at 7.14%, YouTube takes the number three spot among all respondents. Team leaders had the highest share (9.68%) ranking YouTube as their most effective platform. But the lag in YouTube popularity underscores an opportunity for agents to take advantage of this platform to attract leads. 

Agents on a team were least likely to rank YouTube at number one; over twice as many of these respondents ranked “Other” platforms more highly. 


Source: BAMx

For “all respondents,” after YouTube came “Other,” which, according to comments, included the following: 

Takeaways for real estate agents

Judging by the survey results, social media is clearly an important part of brand building and outreach for real estate agents. 

Whether you’re sharing high-value educational content to build authority or you’re just having fun connecting with potential leads on your favorite platform (or both), social media can attract a steady flow of leads into your funnel if you know how to use it. 

From there, it’s up to you to nurture them along the way.