Can I tell you a secret? 

Instagram has an Easter egg nobody knows about. It’s sort of like a two-for-one deal, but you’re not actually buying anything. It’s also a kind of upgrade—but I guess that depends on whether you have strong feelings about fonts. 

Honestly, I’d love to interview whoever set this up. Because the Easter egg is a font hiding behind another font many of us love to hate (which, to be fair, makes it a great hiding place). 

That sneaky font is called… Papyrus. 

To find this Easter egg, head over to your Instagram Story to create a post and prepare to add text. As soon as that text bubble pops up, select the fourth-to-last font. It looks like Comic Sans. 

Once you’ve selected that font, type in the word, “Papyrus.” 

As soon as you type that in, you’re going to see the font completely change from Comic Sans to Papyrus—just like that. Once you’ve got that font, you can delete the word “Papyrus” and type in whatever it is you want to share.

So, why doesn’t anyone know about this? That I can’t tell you. But it’s a fun discovery, right?

Another great question: Does this work for other fonts that aren’t preset as Instagram Story fonts? Not as far as I know, but you’re welcome to try. While you’re at it, Comic Sans may not be the only font hiding another font you can summon by name. 

That sounds more ominous than it should. But you get it. 

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