This week in BAM news brought another commission lawsuit (filed by Georgia home sellers), an increase in conforming loan limits, insights on the housing market from Ivy Zelman, Ryan Serhant and Zillow, and a clear message sent from CoStar CEO Andy Florance to both and the Wall Street Journal

In agent tactics, we have a webinar hosted by PR expert Audie Chamberlain, some opening scripts from Tom Toole, and a how-to on growing your business with sponsored client appreciation events

Finally, agent marketing reveals the best of the eight types of AI-generated marketing content, how to choose the right audience for your real estate podcast, and the number one lesson to learn from Red Bull’s marketing. 

News You May Have Missed

Early this week, Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman and Associates—known for her accurate predictions—appeared on CNBC to discuss the U.S. housing market and what she expects for 2024 and 2025

This week also brought the Philips lawsuit, a Georgia-based class action commission lawsuit, in which sellers are taking on both national and local real estate companies. 

In other news, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) increased conforming loan limits to $766,550 for 2024. 

And finally, in response to statements made by senior vice president Bob Evans at the NAR NXT opening party, CoStar CEO Andrew Florance sent a clear, point-by-point message to both and its sister company, the Wall Street Journal. 

Agent Tactics

This week, Tom Toole shared some opening scripts to help you turn conversations into appointments. 

In his first BAM article, BAMx member Tom Worley shared the steps he’s taken to change his business for the better with sponsored client appreciation events

On Thursday, Jaleesa Peluso shared three easy ways to connect with your clients this December. 

Also on Thursday, Audie Chamberlain hosted a BAM webinar on how to “unleash the power of PR” for your business, highlighting the top PR tools for real estate agents. For the full replay, head to BAMx.

Agent Marketing

This week has been generous with agent marketing ideas, starting with Lindsey Jo’s article on the number one lesson to take from Red Bull’s marketing—with five examples for real estate agents. 

Also on Monday, Tom Storey shared five things to consider when you’re making a podcast, along with common mistakes and how to avoid them. 

On Wednesday, The Broke Agent spoke on the social aspect of social media and shared four ways to grow your following without posting a thing

We also covered a HubSpot report on the eight types of AI-generated marketing content to highlight those best suited to AI tools—and those best left to humans (at least partly).

Maryland real estate agent Delaney Burgess posted a Reel of herself vlogging an open house setup for her client. And we’ve got three reasons you might want to do the same.

And Florida Realtor Tori Wood used green screen to showcase new developments in downtown Tampa. 

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