Florida Realtor Tori Wood posted a green screen Instagram Reel showcasing some jaw-dropping new developments in downtown Tampa. 

Here are three reasons why we love it. 

Four jaw-dropping new developments in downtown Tampa

Tori starts with a map of the downtown Tampa Bay area. And she gets right to the point by asking, “Have you been keeping up with Tampa’s downtown makeover?” 

Then, starting with a riverside view, Tori launches into a description of four new developments, using a variety of visual imagery to keep the viewer engaged: 

Tori shared some details on each new development while sharing visuals from news articles, maps of the area, and images of the properties described, including cityscapes, interior shots, and snaps taken at street level. 

3 Reasons We Love this Green Screen

Here are three reasons we love Tori’s use of green screen video to highlight new developments in her area. They’re also three key elements of any social media video—all of which Tori has made use of to brilliant effect. 

#1—The Hook

Tori doesn’t waste a second. From the get-go, she launches into her hook, which has two parts: what you see and what you hear. 

What you hear, of course, is her question, followed by her one-sentence description of what she’s about to show us. You also hear an audio track that complements the visuals and doesn’t compete for attention. 

What you see are the visuals, starting with the map of the downtown Tampa Bay area—enough to show us the area Tori is focusing on. And it only gets better from there. 

#2—The Visuals

The map makes for an ideal visual starting point. From there, Tori switches to a riverside view of Tampa before she launches into a visual tour of the first development: One Tampa. 

Instead of displaying one image after another, she displays a variety of images and varies the manner in which she shares them, using single shots as well as triple-stacks of horizontal images and scrolling double-stacks to highlight each property’s visuals:

  • Interior & exterior shots of the condo/hotel buildings
  • Cityscapes of downtown Tampa
  • Photos taken at street level and from above

#3—The Audio

While you’re watching the visual display, Tori is describing each new development briefly and effectively, sharing important details without ever taking the viewer’s attention for granted. 

The audio track continues throughout the Reel, fitting the whole vibe of the visuals and Tori’s presentation, without distracting the viewer from either. 

We hope the marketing departments for these properties have reached out to thank Tori for this Reel. We’re featuring it here both to highlight a content creator making excellent use of green screen video and to share some brilliant content inspiration with our BAM readers. 

What else is inspiring you today?