Ever scrolled through Red Bull’s Instagram? Notice any product pics? 


What about Coca-Cola? There are barely any product photos.

And McDonald’s? Same deal.

Big brands like these aren’t big on product shots. 

Why? Because they’re not selling drinks or fries; they’re selling a feeling. 

As Realtors, we sometimes miss this memo, flooding our feeds with “just listed” or “just sold” graphics, thinking “busy” equals clients. But the truth is, people don’t hire us for our hectic schedules. It’s about connecting them to a feeling.

Red Bull hooks you with adrenaline. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s both sell pure joy. Curious why they do this? These tactics are called “emotional selling,” where brands weave a connection through feelings in their posts.

Emotional Selling in Real Estate 

Now, let’s look at some agents who have mastered the art of capturing emotions in their posts. You can easily take inspiration from these fellow Realtors.

1. Krys Benyamein’s Client Event

Check out Krys Benyamein’s recent client event video. Kids are laughing, Santa is smiling – it hits you right in the feels. Krys doesn’t just showcase an event; he makes you want to be a part of it. No static graphics here. He’s showcasing an experience.

2. Ed Stulak’s 1,000th Post

Ed Stulak spills wisdom with his 1,000th post. It’s sneaky educational, yet wrapped in the warm fuzzies. But here’s where Ed plays his cards brilliantly – his caption is pure genius. He drops a teaser that keeps you hooked: “Number 4 is my favorite lesson and the most important one in my perspective.” 

Immediately, viewers wonder “Why is Number 4 his favorite lesson?”  His caption does a great job of hooking the viewer! 

3. My Journey of Self-Belief

In my Reel below, I’m showcasing the power of self-belief. The text on screen reads, “I started growing my social media ten months ago, just hoping to make people laugh vs. what actually happened.” 

This immediately grabs the viewer’s attention, sparking curiosity about the transformation. My caption sums it up: “Everything changes when you start to believe that you are capable. Know that in just ten months, you could be looking at a completely different life.” 

This exudes hope and motivation, aiming to reshape your mindset on achievable self-growth in a short amount of time. 

4. Jason Cassity’s Luxury Listing

Jason Cassity does luxury listings differently. No static pics; he goes the extra mile by interviewing the sellers. It’s not just about bedrooms and bathrooms; it’s about the emotional connection to the home. You don’t just hear Jason’s perspective as a Realtor – you feel the sellers’ love for their house. The authenticity shines through, turning a property tour into a captivating story. 

5. Omer Reshid’s Closing 

Omer Reshid brilliantly showcases a closing in his Reel below. The video kicks off with hype music, capturing him confidently entering the closing, and then seamlessly transitions to paperwork signing and a sidewalk celebration where he pops champagne with his client. Omer then says, “We just hit the record in the neighborhood by selling our client’s home. We have another one coming down the street.” 

Beyond a sequence of scenes, this video transforms into a storytelling masterpiece. With quick cuts, an unfolding narrative, and social proof seamlessly woven in – Omer stands out as an agent, making the closing feel truly memorable.

Remember, it’s not just about keys and contracts; it’s about feelings and stories. Remember to weave emotions into your social media, and craft stories that resonate with your viewers.